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Immigrating to Canada has just become a lot easier with This service offers a stress-free solution, with an online form that is easy to fill out and a website that is useful, user-friendly, and very informative. is a well-established immigration company located in Vancouver, Canada. It provides professional legal assistance in obtaining Canadian visas and supports you throughout the process, from filling out your application to stepping on Canadian soil.

It helps that has three certified RCIC consultants within their ranks. They all have consultant identification numbers that can be verified with the College of Immigration Consultants (CCIC) website. This takes way ahead of the game regarding legitimacy and trustworthiness, as having certified RCIC means clients are provided with the best immigration service and advice.

Their senior Immigration Consultant, Mr. David Allon, holds a Master, a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Government, and a Diploma in European studies in Public Administration. He is a professional and very knowledgeable Immigration consultant. He ensures that your application is processed with the seriousness it deserves.

As a qualified RCIC, his official Consultant Identification Number is #R513335, and he will help ensure that you are provided with immigration guidance on your dream to Canada. Ensure you have the best immigration services and business guidance on your journey to Canada.

Mr. Allon is ably assisted by three other qualified RCICs, Mr. Jimmy Park, Mr. Giovanni Mariella, and Mr. Alireza Motahari, who have extensive experience in Canadian visa immigration processes and procedures. assists in making your immigration easy and hassle-free.

Something worth noting is that their "Our Contributors" page explains that Mr. Jimmy (Jaehyn) Park is originally from South Korea and first came to Canada as a student and eventually immigrated through the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP) skilled worker program.

Mr. Jimmy Park graduated with an immigration Diploma from Ashton College in Vancouver and a Master's degree in English Education from Kyonggi University in Suwon, Korea, and his RCIC Consultant Identification #R510391. He, therefore, understands what it is like to wait for a visa application to be processed and approved and has an intimate understanding of the stresses of immigration. 

Mr. Giovanni Mariella's (RCIC number: R705710) expertise in the intricacies of the Canadian immigration system has significantly contributed to the plethora of positive reviews. With a Master's Degree in Law, a Master's in Business Administration and Administrative Law, and a Diploma in European policies, Mr. Mariella is well-equipped to navigate complex immigration cases while ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Mr. Alireza Motahari (RCIC number: R533723) is a hugely experienced RCIC who has been successful in helping dozens of hopeful immigrants move to Canada with ease. As someone who knows the Canadian immigration system well, Mr. Motahari immigrated to Canada in 2012, further solidifying his firsthand knowledge of the process. and its experts are legitimate, as shown through their testimonials and track record. On top of all of this, they're incredibly prompt with responding to queries and questions with no comment left unanswered on their various platforms.


The website is incredibly well-designed and easy to navigate. The website assists with everything from the different types of visas you can apply for to the different places to live in Canada, education, and the economy. features meticulously researched, top-notch immigration materials that showcase the vast expertise and proficiency of the team, including RCICs.

The site contains articles, guides, and FAQs addressing a wide range of Canadian immigration topics, such as eligibility criteria, work permits, study permits, and citizenship.

To guarantee accuracy and prevent misrepresentation of the company, immigration procedures, or information, the content is thoroughly examined by the RCIC head, David Allon, and a skilled editor, Kirat Sekhon.

As a valuable source of information on Canadian immigration matters, the website caters to those seeking general knowledge about the process or specific advice on particular concerns. You can discover numerous beneficial resources on to aid your quest. 

The website also has multiple features to aid in your application process before you start, like a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) calculator, which helps applicants determine their eligibility for Canada's most popular permanent residency programs. The site also mentions a specific IELTS course designed to help applicants maximize their scores on one of Canada's accepted language tests. 

Social Media

They have a very active presence on social media, regularly reporting news on Canada and Canadian immigration.

They have an official company Twitter account with over 10.9k followers, where they post content updates and promotions.

Their Facebook account has over 395,000 followers and presents a regular news feed that is an excellent source of news updates.

Their Instagram account works similarly to Twitter, showcasing updates, news, and promotions.

Their YoutTube channel boasts over 25,000 subscribers and provides short videos explaining different immigration programs and aspects of life in Canada.

They've even recently started a Tiktok account that provides immigration information in bite-sized chunks.

They are constantly engaging with current and potential clients, updating them about the latest immigration news and a range of interesting and informative topics. They also often respond quickly to comments on their posts, making sure their audience knows they are heard andpart of the conversation.

Online Reviews

While recent reviews have attempted to tarnish their reputation by labeling them as illegitimate or a scam, has risen above the fray, debunking these claims with firm validation from multiple reliable sources. The lingering shadow of doubt cast by these unfounded accusations does little to diminish the stellar performance and exceptional service that continues to provide to its clients.

With a steadfast commitment to transparency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, it is evident that has not only weathered the storm of negative reviews but has emerged even stronger as a leading authority and resource in Canadian immigration services.

Despite this, they have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot, which speaks volumes about the credibility and trustworthiness of It is essential to consider that online reviews can sometimes be misleading and not always paint the full picture. In this digital era, conducting thorough research and exploring multiple sources is crucial before forming an opinion.

The strong Trustpilot rating, combined with numerous positive reviews for indicates that they are committed to providing top-notch services in assisting individuals with their visa and immigration needs. As a savvy consumer, one should not let isolated incidents tarnish the overall reputation of an organization that has proven its dedication to customer satisfaction time and time again.


Everything about the company is legal and it is a legitimate agency. The fact that they respond promptly to Facebook queries says a lot about them and shows that they take their clients seriously. Their customer service is available 24/7 and they are committed to responding to any queries and questions clients and prospective clients might have about them in the shortest time possible.