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About Canadian Visa Expert

In this Canadian Visa Expert review, we'll take a closer look at the Ontario-based Canadian immigration consultancy. They have been around since 2012 and specialize in services that include Express Entry, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nomination Programs and Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program.

Canadian Visa Expert does not have its own RCICs and therefore subcontracts Great North Immigration Inc. and Parsis Immigration Services to perform eligibility screening of profiles of end-users. As per the website, the status of these “Authorized Representatives” under Canada’s immigration law allows them to represent individuals in a wide range of Canadian immigration matters before federal and provincial immigration authorities. This is strangely the same song being sung by another company by the name of Canadian Visa Professionals. Furthermore, Canadian Visa Expert is an international company not part of the Canadian government and therefore does not have the authority to grant a visa. They are not a law firm and do not and cannot offer legal advice. They are also not related to the CICC and is not a member nor an agent of the CICC.


The Canadian Visa Expert website is owned and operated by a private company, Pronet Online Marketing GmbH which is a private international company based in Austria. Once again, they are not related to Canada’s government or the CICC and are not a member or agent of the CICC.  Where the website is fairly easy on the eye and easy to navigate, it is again quite strange that when searching the consultancy name we find two similar websites with the exact same logo; & . This is a major red flag when wanting to check their authenticity. The Canadian Visa Expert website is fairly clean, functional and provides basic information on the immigration process and also includes features like an introductory video, FAQs, Terms of Use, a Privacy Policy and their physical address. Where these are useful, they do not provide information on their pricing and RCICs, and also do not have a site map or live chat feature.

Social Media

Upon landing on the Canadian Visa Expert website, we notice that there are no links to their social media platforms. This is also quite concerning when it comes to transparency.

As we scroll down to the footer of the page, we do find a link to their Twitter page however, there is not much activity happening there.
If the lack of social media presence is anything to go on, the strangeness of this consultancy continues when one chooses to search for their social media pages via google. When taking this path we find that they have both a Facebook and Instagram page however, they are again not very active at all.

At this point, the question we all have on our minds is, "Is this consultancy a scam?". A quick and easy way to answer this is by searching the available online reviews which arise for Canadian Visa Expert. Most, if not all of them are negative and project a feeling of a scam. These can be checked via the following review platforms:









The conclusion of this Canadian Visa Expert review is that they certainly seem to come across as a scam. Most, if not all of the available online reviews project this and the fact that they do not promote their social media platforms and also have three different websites all making use of the same information and logo only further cements the feeling of fraudulent activity.