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About Canadian Recruitment

Canadian Recruitment has 35 years of experience in the recruitment and immigration field. Canadian Recruitment deals specifically with Skilled Trades Recruitment and they deal with national companies and construction companies. They state clearly on their website that the companies they deal with vary in size and the construction companies deal with commercial, residential and industrial construction. The team at Canadian Recruitment consists of two people, Catherine Samuels, and Warren Green. Catherine is a licensed Canadian Recruiter and Warren is a Canadian Immigration Consultant, he is registered with the ICCRC and in good standing with the organization.

The Website

The website for Canadian Recruitment is easy to use and quite modern. The layout of the website is clean and all the information is easy to read. The website has no client testimonials and we couldn’t find any online anywhere either. We would like to think that a company with so many years of experience would have some satisfied clients. There are no terms and conditions page, no refund policy and no privacy policy. Warren Green does not list his RCIC number on the website either. The services offered by the company are not specified on the website.

Social Media

There are no links to any social media accounts on the website. This creates further uncertainty about the legitimacy of the company.


We are unsure about Canadian Recruitment as they have quite a few issues with their website. here are no client testimonials, no terms and conditions, no refund policy and no privacy policy. We would advise you to proceed with extreme caution.