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About Canadian Immigration Problem Solvers Ltd.

Canadian Immigration Problem Solvers Ltd was established by Adam Blum in 2000, we found this out on his LinkedIn profile. Adam Blum is the owner of Canadian Immigration Problem Solvers and from what we can see, he is the only member of the team as there is no one else listed on the website. Adam Blum is also a registered RCIC agent in good standing with the ICCRC, his RCIC number is R407975, which is not listed on the website. There is a link to the ICCRC’s website from the Canadian Immigration Problem Solvers’ website. Adam Blum attended the University of Windsor where he completed his MBA from 2005-2006. He has attended York University’s Schulich School of Business from 1999-2003. You can view all of Adam’s certificates and accreditations on the website’s Credentials page.

The Website

The website is basic and bare. The essential information is provided but other than that there is nothing else. The amount of information about Adam is lacking and we had to search for more on his personal LinkedIn profile. There is information about Canadian immigration that is extensive and informative but that seems to be the only aspect of the website that Canadian Immigration Problem Solvers has put effort into. It does state that Adam Blum is a former immigration officer but nothing else. Some important aspects were missing from the website like terms and conditions, the refund policy and privacy policy. These are extremely important online documents and it is worrisome that Adam has failed to provide them. There is a free online assessment that you can take which is a big plus

Social Media

There is a link to their Facebook Reviews on their home page. The reviews seem to be quite positive. The Facebook page itself has a following of just under 8,000 people. However, the posts are not very regular, which they could improve on.

Our Conclusion


Although Canadian Immigration Problem Solvers appear to be legit, there are some steps they need to take to solidify their status as a credible immigration firm such as adding a privacy policy or terms and conditions to their website.