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About Canadian Immigration Consultancy


Canadian Immigration Consultancy is based in the Philippines and states that it has over 25 years of experience in the Canadian immigration field. The company goes on to say that it is one of the “largest, most recognized and reputable Canadian immigration consultants in the Philippines.” They appear to offer immigration services to Canada through:

  • Express Entry;
  • Family Sponsorship;
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program;
  • Canadian Experience Class; and
  • Provincial Nomination Programs

The business also states that they have helped over 50,000 Filipino clients to secure Canadian immigrant visas. We take a closer look at this claim later on in the review.

The Website

At first glance their website seems very well made, unfortunately, that is all it has. The website is secure and provides general information about Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Program, and a few other programs. Most of their information links off to other sites(taken straight from the government website) and it is not written by the company, which we found to be a bit lazy on the company’s part. The site is also missing some very important documents, namely a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and a Refund Policy. These documents are meant to protect the customer and the company from fraud or misuse of services. The fact that these documents are missing is a major issue for the website.



Their services are for:

  • Express Entry;
  • Provincial Nomination Programs;
  • Family Sponsorship;
  • Student Visas

We noticed a major issue, although the company states that they hire many Canadian immigration consultants, none of the apparent CICs (Canadian Immigration Consultants)are registered with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). We found no trace of any of these registered RCICs on the council's registry:

  • Rowena Andrade;
  • Rosemarie Moradilla;
  • Grace Soriano;
  • Apol Apuntar;
  • Jay Araneta;
  • Dianne Sy;
  • Regina Aguilar;
  • Madellene Matienzo-Puig;
  • Marvin E. Manalo;
  • Ruth L. Pialan;
  • Jayson Rubic; 
  • Ruby Miranda; or
  • Fe Gorio

Upon further investigation, however, we did find the following RCICs linked to the company name on the ICCRC website:

  • Winifreda Acupan R509957
  • Peter Ratnam Ananda Thilaga Ratnam R508605
  • Kaur Manpreet Arora R514243
  • Avtar Singh Arora R518763
  • Ana Katrina Derama R529000
  • Lakshmi Hangalur R507957
  • Roas Magdalena Marconi-Pomares R514159
  • Fralei Moussa R510828
  • Judy-Ann Murray-Belgrove R518488
  • Namunakulan Ponnambalam R513983
  • Avtar Singh Raunak R506957
  • Michael Sandhu R530999
  • Pragati Sharma R507867
  • Jeremiah Joseph Shea R510066
  • Gagandeep Shergill R419103
  • Amandeep Singh R515434
  • Heron Tait R513434
  • Theresa Lamoy Taylor R532207
  • Ritu Verma R514546

This is an astounding amount of RCICs linked to a single immigration company, in fact, possibly the largest we’ve seen so far. We find it strange that the number of RCICs are not proportional to the number of visa applications since the company’s inception. The website also offers extras such as an online assessment.  It also has a range of different calculators including a family budget, lost income, future loss of income, old age security and student income calculator. The website does not have a blog but does have a number of youtube videos linked to someone called Victor Garcia, however, when you click on the account it shows that the channel has 15 followers and no content.

Social Media Reviews

Unfortunately, we could not find any trace of social media presence. The company has no links on their website and we could not find any of the major platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter linked to the company. We did, however, stumble across a Facebook page which is linked to the Singapore Megamall Branch as well as a Canadian Immigration Consultancy Branches Facebook Page. Both of these pages seems to have been abandoned, the first was last updated in February 2018 and the latter in July 2017. This does not really give us much confidence as far as their social media presence is concerned.


Overall, Canadian Immigration Consultancy has a long way to go before we can confidently recommend their services. The website does have a well designed and user-friendly website which is secure however there is no privacy, term and conditions and terms and conditions policy available. The website has added benefits such as several calculators and an online assessment available however has no social media presence nor a blog to speak of. The good thing is that, although they make no mention of RCICs on their website, we found that the company has several RCICs registered to the company, in fact, they have an alarming amount of them, which makes us slightly uncertain of their validity. The website carefully and perhaps strategically refers to their CICs which we interpreted as Canadian Immigration Consultants. We suspect that they do so in order to avoid liability. The bottom line is if you have 19 RCICs linked to your company, why would you not proudly display this on your website instead of CICs which are not accredited or regulated according to the Candian government? If you have any experience with this company, please leave us a review below.