Agency Reviews


About CanadaXpress

CanadaXpress is a ‘Canadian’ based immigration consultancy. “If there is a way to get you in Canada we will find it” is this company’s slogan of choice, regardless of their success rate, this is the kind of promises consultancies should steer clear from. This was the first of many red flags raised about this company by just glancing at their site. One of the tabs on the home page of their website says ‘team’, but clicking on it does not provide any real information about this team. More concerning, is the fact that because they don't name the members of the team, we are unable to verify whether they are accredited RCIC consultants.

Website and Service

The CanadaXpress website is very pleasing to the eye but upon closer inspection, the website fails to provide any useful information with regards to immigration and especially with regards to measuring their credibility. The website includes a well-written Privacy Policy as well as a Terms of Use document. Still, we are left unsatisfied and skeptical. The website has 16 pictures of people who we are lead to believe are the team of ‘experts’ they claim to have. We suspect that the website is dressed-up enough to prevent clients from asking questions, as the company mentions their ICCRC members but fails to name them.

Social Media & Online Review

We found that CanadaXpress has both a Facebook and Twitter account. Starting with their Facebook account, the company has a large following of over 85,000 likes for their page. We find this to be quite odd as we cannot understand why a page that has very little activity has that much traffic. Posts date back to 2018 and don’t consist of much other than picture updates and the occasional blog post. Could these likes have been bought? Another strange phenomenon is that the page has absolutely no Facebook reviews.


We cannot confirm whether this company is a scam or whether it is in fact legitimate, but we would recommend clients steer clear until we are given a more solid foundation to work with. Clients seem to be either dissatisfied or uncertain about CanadaXpress. With that being said, do proceed with caution.