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About Canada Immigration Visa

Canada Immigration Visa was established in 1993, with the aim of providing excellent immigration to Canada services and is based in India. According to their website the director of the company is Mr. Prashant Ajmera. He is an Indian attorney, registered with the Gujarat Bar Association and a member of the Institute of Company Secretary and Administration for the U.K. On the “About Us” page it states that the company has lawyers and consultants who help clients with immigration to Canada. The website claims that this team of lawyers and consultants have several years of experience in the immigration industry. Apparently, they are members of the International Bar Association and are affiliated with international law firms. These law firms provide assistance with client’s business immigration matters. It is very odd that the company has neglected to mention these international law firms by name. Overall, much of Canada Immigration Visa’s credentials remain unconfirmed. They have not mentioned if the company has a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) on their team. We ran the company’s name through the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) website and we got no results. The fact that we could not verify their registration with the ICCRC raises even more questions about their eligibility.

Website and Services


The website is simply very old and has not been updated since 2003. The website content is very unclear and all over the place with no structure whatsoever. The website has a link to a “What's New” page where they have a news section, however, the last post dates way back to 2005. The level of negligence on their website is shocking. Canada Immigration Visa also has an “Assessment” page where they explain the application and payment process. The client assessment costs 100 Canadian Dollars and can be paid through the mail or PayPal on their website. On the IT Professionals in Canada page, they explain various reasons why Canada wants IT professionals and how to apply. Does this mean the company also helps people find jobs in Canada? Well, as with the rest of the website, the information is insufficient and vague. The company provides a number of services for immigration to Canada. These services include:

  • Visitor Visa;
  • Student Visa;
  • Work Permit;
  • Business Immigration (investor 7 entrepreneur class); and
  • Skilled Worker Immigration

Social Media and Reviews

There are no reviews about the company online and to make things worse they have no social media platforms available. Their lack of social media presence is a big red flag and we are very concerned about this issue. The company seems to be operating in secrecy and out of the public eye.



Canada Immigration Visa has shown a general lack of credibility on the topic of immigration to Canada. For starters, the state of their website and vague content on it is very concerning. Secondly, they have absolutely no social media presence - a very important tool to communicate with clients. Social media is important because:

  • You have direct contact with clients;
  • You respond quickly to client inquiries; and
  • Information reaches a wider audience

To top it off, there is a lack of corporate documentation on their website. There is no Privacy Policy, Refund Policy or Terms and Conditions. This is a very worrying sign, as it is essential to see these before signing off on anything and handing over your hard-earned money. We feel Canada Immigration Visa could do more to keep clients informed about their procedures and consultant’s credentials. Do you have any experience in dealing with this company? Let us know what you thought about their services in the reviews section below.