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About Canada Immigration International

Canada Immigration International is an immigration service agency, operating out of downtown Toronto. Offering an array of different immigration services to both individuals and companies, Canada Immigration International seems to be ticking all the right boxes. The firm represents considerable authority in Canada visa applications including temporary visas for visitors, understudies and workers and permanent residence visas for skilled workers, investors and business visionaries and also PR card renewal and citizenship applications. Upon further perusal, in the footer of their official website we noted the ICCRC logo, with that being said we can confirm that Canada Immigration International has (a) regulated ICCRC members. Fatima-Zahra Fahmi is a member in good standing with the ICCRC, this proven by the official ICCRC website.

Website & Services

Canada Immigration International’s website is basic and unenthusiastic with very little effort put into the design. The level of informative content on this website is low, with a lot of room left for improvement. Another point worth mentioning is the lack of both privacy policy and terms and conditions pages, which we place a high value on. We also feel that the font used is a way to faint and is uncomfortable to read. The services Canada Immigration International offer are shown in their permanent sidebar and they are; permanent residency, skilled workers, temporary residence, PR card & citizenship, hearing & appeals, study visas, live-in nannies and others. Each service is explained in exquisite detail and we are impressed with the informative descriptions.

Social Media

There are no visible social media links on their website and we had to manually search for any form of social media they have. Unfortunately, our searches were unsuccessful as Canada Immigration International doesn’t have any social media accounts.


Since they have regulated ICCRC members, we cannot dispute the legitimacy of Canada Immigration International. We would love to see them boost their online presence a lot more, to give visitors a sense that they are readily available to assist.