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About Canada IC

Canada IC is a company specializing in Canadian immigration. Their services cover everything from business visas and temporary residence to permanent residency. They are based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Website and Services


The Canada IC website boasts an inviting and impressive design. They split their services into four sections: Business Visa, Permanent Residency, Temporary Residency, and Citizenship Services. This is a smart way of organizing the information on the website because it makes it easier for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. We confirm that their website contains both terms of service and privacy policy. They mention that their consultants are RCIC certified, but they fail to mention any of them by name. When taking a closer look, the content on the website seems to have been poorly translated. Both these components raise suspicions about the credibility of Canada IC. Canada IC provides immigration services for all the standard Canadian immigration programs, these include:

  • Express Entry;
  • Quebec Selected Skilled Workers;
  • Start-Up Visa;
  • Immigrant Investors;
  • Self-Employed;
  • Family Sponsorship;
  • Provincial Nominees;
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot; and
  • Caregivers

If you follow the links to these sections on their website, you will be presented with 1-2 tiny paragraphs about the programs. The content here is truly superficial and frankly does not provide any useful information to a prospective client looking to find out more about Canadian immigration.

Social Media

Links to the social media platforms of Canada IC is nowhere to be found on their website. Upon further investigation, we found their Facebook page, which has a following of just over 2,000 followers. Suspiciously, it was only created in April of this year, and our last review found that the facebook page at the time was created in 2018. That leads us to ask what exactly they are running from?


There is a lot that can be improved about Canada IC’s website. For starters, they should completely rewrite their content. They also need to name their RCIC consultants to solidify their credibility. Their social media raises more questions about why they create a new page every year. All in all, we cannot confidently recommend Canada IC as a credible and trustworthy company. If you have had personal dealings with them and are able to shed some light on this matter, we would appreciate if you do so in our reviews section below.