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About Butkowsky Immigration Law

Butkowsky Immigration Law is a Canadian barrister and solicitor that specializes in Canadian immigration and refugee law. Larry Butkowsky has a Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia University and a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School. He founded Butkowsky Immigration Law in 1992 and has been practicing law since. Larry and his team are more than capable of assisting you with any of your immigration needs. Larry is also advocates for clients in immigration litigation, appeals, judicial reviews, hearings and deportation proceedings. Mr. Butkowsky has more than two decades of experience and he has earned the respect of the Toronto legal community.

The Website

The website for Butkowsky Immigration Law is easy to use and provides you with all the necessary information. One thing that we didn’t like is that it feels a bit cluttered and sometimes there is too much writing. Even though Larry specializes in immigration and refugee law, there is still information about the different visa options for you to read through. There is also a blog for you to read but at most, they post once every 3 months. 


Social Media


Links to the social media platforms of Butkowsky Immigration can be found in the header of their home page. Their Facebook page has a small following of 853 people. They are quite active and seem to post regularly. All of the reviews seem to be praising Larry and the company, which is a good sign.


Bukowski Immigration Law’s website is easy to use and provides you with the information that you need about immigration, although it can sometimes be a bit vague. They need to expand their social media platforms beyond Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition, it would help if they updated their blog regularly.