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About Brighter Visa


Liam Clifford, founder, and owner of Global Visas closed down Global Visas, IXP Visa, and Launch Immigrations after being accused of fraud and not supplying clients with visas to Canada. Now, it would seem that he has opened another company ready to rip people off, but this time under the creative name “Brighter Visas”.  The reason we think its a scam is because the Brighter Visa website is literally a copy and paste of the Global Visa’s website that got shut down. 

Website and social media 

Besides being a copy and paste job, the website of Brighter Visas displays a bare design that lacks any color, creativity or professionalism. They make no mention of who their representatives are or whether they are accredited RCIC’s, which is a major red flag. Their social media just raises further suspicion. Their Twitter account is very outdated, with the last post being in 2015. Their Facebook page reflects the same. We cannot actually say if they are still running, but if they are they are definitely a scam. There is an entire Facebook page dedicated to alerting people that Brighter Visa’s is a fraudulent company. 



Every single thing about this company screams scam. The are affiliated with previous scams, they make no mention of who their consultants are or if they are accredited RCIC’s and they have a very outdated social media. If you have had any experience with this company, please drop a comment below.