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About Best Place Immigration

Best Place Immigration is a Canadian immigration consultancy for both individuals and businesses. Best Place has ‘experienced’ Canadian representatives that will evaluate your particular circumstance and explain the strategy that best suits your needs. Ron Liberman is Best Place’s Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Website & Services

Best Place Immigration has a simple yet effective website. it is a clean, professional and easy to navigate. The website lacks an  “About Us” which is greatly important as this is where clients get to know about the company before diving straight in. The website does, however, contain a Privacy Policy as well as a Refund Policy which are two vitally important documents as it tells clients exactly how their case will be handled. This way clients are well aware of how their private documents are to be handled as well as the company’s cancellation policies. In terms of appearance, the website is as visually appealing though the font is uncomfortable to read. Best Place Immigration has a colorful range of services which include; a Business Immigration Assessment, Investor Immigration, Entrepreneur Immigration, Family Class Immigration Assessment, Spousal & Common Law Immigration, Sponsor Parents & Grandparents, Sponsor Children & Others. Appeals; Spousal & Common-Law Refusals, Residency Obligation Appeals. Visas; Federal Skilled Worker Assessment, Skilled Trades Assessment, Canada Experience Class, Provincial Nominees. Provincial Nominee Programs; Albert PNP, British Columbia PNP, Manitoba PNP, Mew Brunswick PNP, Newfoundland/Labrador PNP, Nova Scotia PNP, Ontario PNP, Prince Edward PNP, Saskatchewan PNP.

Social Media

Links to the social media platforms of Best Place Immigration can be found in the footer of their website. The Facebook page has a following of 5,700 people. Its posts are very regular and relevant to Canadian immigration, which is important. It also boasts multiple positive reviews. However, the Twitter account reflects thee polar opposite. The page is extremely outdated and only has 94 followers so they definitely need to keep a close eye on this.


We are pleased with what we have seen regarding Best Place Immigration. The company appears to have the knowledge to guide clients through immigration-related matters and will make a good option in handling your immigration process.