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About Bellissimo law Group

Bellissimo Law Group specializes in immigration and is one of the few firms that may have helped shape the Canadian immigration laws. Bellissimo Law Group, also known as BLGPC is a recognized brand in the immigration industry. It is well respected and has had a long history with immigration stakeholders. According to the Canadian Lawyer Group - Mario D. Bellissimo (founder) is one of the few people responsible for key decisions that have influenced the immigration laws in Canada today. The law firm stands as one of the few remaining law firms that focus exclusively on Canadian citizenship, immigration and refugee law. With an outstanding reputation, BLGPC is featured and associated with BBB Accredited Business, The Globe and Mail, CBC News, CTV, the Toronto Star and so much more. Because of its outstanding work and great customer service, Bellissimo Law Group has been a BBB Accredited Business since 2009.

Website and Services


Bellissimo Law Group website is very content-focused with so much information on the services that they provide. BLGPC website is a rich source of information for anyone looking to immigrate to Canada. Unfortunately, the site is a little outdated and has few images to break all the content. Bellissimo Law Group covers a range of different and diverse immigration and citizenship issues such as:

  • Express Entry
  • Refusals and Appeals
  • Refugee Protection claims
  • Citizenship Applications
  • Employees Medical Inadmissibility

Social Media and Online Review

Links to the social media platforms of Bellissimo Law Group can be found in the header of their home page. The Facebook page has a good following of over 13,000 people. They post just about every day and the content is relevant to Canadian immigration. In addition, there are many positive testimonials on the reviews page of their Facebook. Their Twitter account reflects this, only with a lot fewer followers.


According to the Bellissimo Law Group website, the law firm takes great care in honoring legal principles of access to justice and their fees reflect the quality of work they do, and we do not have any qualms with this policy. With their reputation and pedigree in the Canadian Citizenship and immigration industry, we have no issues with Bellissimo Law Group and are certainly legitimate and credible.