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About the Beeton & Co

We started our Beeton & Co review by looking at the history and basic information of the company. Started by Julie Beeton, a Canadian lawyer who now calls UAE her home, the company assists in helping families, students and professionals immigrate to Canada. Julie made this short video about herself as an introduction to the company. Her company offers job recruitment services to Canada and the U.S. Julie is also involved in community projects, like Career Girls Empowered in Dubai that lets young women become professional workers through higher-level education. Julie also has another project that she supports, the Ark Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Created in 2000, this project grants disadvantaged children access to a much-needed education. One thing that seems to be missing is any mention of any RCICs. We found no affiliation to the ICCRC when we entered the company name into the website.

Website and Services

Next, in our Beeton & Co review, we looked at their website which we found easy to use and highly informative. The website is however not secure which makes us slightly unease, along with the fact that there is no privacy, refund or terms, and condition policy. The website is also not a secure which means that when you enter sensitive information, like your credit card details, you are more likely to become a victim of credit card fraud. In fact, when first entering the website, our browser warned against continuing past the safe page. An aspect that we really liked about the company is the free online assessment. This form is a lot more detailed than many other companies we have seen that offer “free assessments”. As we continued our Beeton & Co review, we found that Julie is very open about her costs. This was a refreshing take since many companies refuse to give these details until you sign up on their database. Strangely when clicking on the contact page a number is displayed and you are prompted to contact their partner organization called Mercan regarding “Canadian immigration opportunities” with no link to the website. When researching Mercan, we found that they have a team of 8 RCICs however nowhere on the website does it mention Beeton and Co, which makes it difficult to verify their credibility. Other services that Beeton & Co offer are:
  • Provincial Program applications;
  • Family Sponsorship applications;
  • Business immigration applications;
  • Canadian Experience Class applications;
  • Nanny and Caregiver applications;
  • Temporary work visas; and
  • Study permit applications

Many of the articles published on Beeton’s news blog are informative and very easy to read. We were slightly disappointed that the website has published a number of articles however these seemed to stop in January 2018.

Social Media Reviews


The company has an active Facebook account with a very modest 22, 915 followers. Beeton & Co have a great rating from their customers, letting the business sit at a very comfortable 4.6 rating. Customers have a lot of great things to say about Julie and her company. Here are just a few of them. There are a few negative reviews on the page, and some unanswered queries on the review page, however, we generally found that the company responds to customer queries in around two hours which, while not great, is still not a huge issue for customer service and is more of a minor inconvenience than anything else. As we continued our Beeton & Co review, we found that Julie also has a LinkedIn account for her company. The account seems to be more of a personal account without any relevant posts and doesn’t seem to add any value to the company.


As far as recommending Beeton & Co as an immigration agency we are not confident that they are accredited. Although Julia has multiple law accreditations, nowhere on the website does it mention any RCICs or any affiliation to the ICCRC. Instead, clients are prompted to contact Mercan telephonically. Mercan is accredited and seems to be reputable however does not mention any affiliation to Beeton & Co. Their social media responses could be a little faster but otherwise, there is not too much to criticize and there's room for improvement regarding social media presence. It is concerning that the website is not secure and disappointing that the blog has not been kept up to date. We can therefore not comfortably recommend using Beeton & Co’s services.