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About BEE

Bee International claims to be a rapidly expanding and increasingly recommended organization” however upon reviewing their website we are not at all convinced of this claim and cannot attest to any of the other claims made on their website. Their office is based in Kochi, India. They also claim to “provide outstanding counselling and satisfying assistance to aspiring clients for skilled worker migration and overseas study” however we are not sure how this is possible without any indication of who will be assisting their clients. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's have a look at their online presence and methodically to determine their legitimacy.

The Website

The website for BEE International is user-friendly but it has a lot of problems. TWhen we tried to find out more about the Immigration process and clicked on the “Explore” tab under the introductory immigration paragraph, it did not work, leaving us with little to no information on the Canadian Immigration Programs. The same goes for the “Overseas Nurse Registrations” and the “Study” sections. The company does very little to clearly explain their services or what a prospective client should expect from them. There is no privacy or refund policy nor is there a Terms of Use page. This is not a good sign for BEE International if they want to become a reputable Canadian immigration services company. Perhaps the most worrying part is that there is absolutely no information about who will be processing visa and immigration applications. The Canadian government require all immigration firms and consultancy agencies to have a registered RCIC in good standing with the ICCRC, or a registered immigration lawyer. BEE does not seem to have either. We entered the company name into the “Find a professional” page on the ICCRC website and came up with no results, leaving us wondering if they are operating legally?

Social Media

There are social media links from the website are not all operational. The Facebook page has a substantial following of over 35, 000 people and the account was created in 2007. They regularly post content to their page, but they all seem to be focused on Canadian immigration services. We strangely also found posts about New Zealand however there is no mention of this on their website. The rest of the posts are of satisfied Canadian immigrants but we would still like to know who the consultants are that are assisting with these applications. The have a 4 out of 5 rating on their reviews page with mostly positive review barring a few complaints. The Twitter account is suspended for violating Twitter rules. This does nos not help plead their case of being a legitimate immigration agency. The Instagram button does not work and simply leads back up to the top of the website page.


We are not convinced that BEE International is an accredited immigartion agency as they have not given us any information to confirm their validity regarding whether or not they work with an external legal team or RCICs which is required by Canadian law inorder to provide paid immigration assistance. Their website has a lot of kinks to work out with no relevant information regarding their services, the immigration process and programs. The page is well designed and secure however there is no terms and conditions, privacy or refund policy provided. We therefore cannot confidently recommend using their services. Have you had experience using BEE International’s immigration services? If so,please feel free to leave your review in our reviews section below.