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About Aspire Immigration Services

Aspire Immigration Services Inc. is a Canadian immigration consulting firm based in New Delhi, India with branches in Perth, Australia and CapeTown, South Africa. According to their website, they thrive on “professionalism and integrity.” You can “expect the highest standard of ethics” when dealing with Aspire Immigration. Yajuvender Singh is a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC and has his Masters in Business Administration from Sauder School of Business. He claims to have “extensive” knowledge in all areas of Canadian immigration.

Website & Services

Aspire Immigration has a relatively easy to navigate website with a good sense of humor. Their website is rich in content which is well written throughout with a few minor spelling and grammar errors. The website contains an in depth privacy policy and terms and conditions page. Although extensive we did find a few spelling mistakes. Aspire Immigration has an up-to-date “News” tab, filled with immigration and other related articles. Their use of icons is playful and humorous which is refreshingly different. There are also blogs that are regularly updated with relevant content. We unfortunately could not find information on who the RCICs or immigration lawyers are on the website, however when we entered the company name on the ICCRC website, found that there are two RCICs linked to the company. The first is Yajuvender Singh who has resigned and the active RCICs is Sanjay Verma, whose consultant identification number is R523346. Aspire Immigration offers services in Express Entry, Family Sponsorship, Live-in Caregiver Program, Quebec Skilled Workers Program, Investor, Self-employed and Entrepreneurs, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Workers Program, LMIA applications, Visitor visa, business visa, supervisa, and others. They also offer added services such as free IELTS training, job search and internships and immigration consultation.

Social Media & Online Review

We were extremely impressed with World Immigration’s social media presence. Their Facebook page has 33,090 followers with regular posts. We would’ve however liked to have seen the reviews page to see some client feedback but is not active. The Twitter account however only has 154 followers and 1,224 tweets since joining in 2015, which is nowhere near enough, however they have been posting more regularly recently. The LinkedIn page has 4,542 followers with regular posts about immigration and their clients’ success stories while the Youtube channel has an impressive 11.4k subscribers and a good amount of views. The Instagram account has 1,631 followers and regular updates to the feed but the Pinterest however has 4 followers even though they have a variety of boards with relevant content.


The fact that they have a regulated member as well as other educated and well-equipped staff, shows us that they can be trusted. We have our concerns regarding both the privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions as to why they have not made this available to clients/visitors. We do hope that somewhere in the near future that they’ll set up social media accounts to keep clients more actively updated with changes and upgrades happening regarding their immigration process.