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About Asia Pacific Immigration Service

The company is run out of Dhaka, Bangladesh and states that they will “get an expert on your sides to proceeds your immigration needs further.” As we looked further into the company, we found that they have an authorized representative (someone who can legally charge for immigration services to Canada) MD. Ali Azam Khan. Although his RCIC number R413271 is not stated on the website, it can be confirmed that he is an active authorized RCIC and is in good standing with ICCRC. We noticed during our Asia Pacific Immigration Service review that the company also lists a second address for another company called Universal Relocation Services. This one is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We do not really know the relationship between the two companies or why they were listed together under the Contact Us page.



Looking at APIS, we found that they offer a selection of immigration services like:

  • Online application assistance;
  • Free assessment;
  • Immigration advice;
  • Educational credential application assistance

Apart from the consistently poor English use on their website, we were also left confused by some of the other services listed by the company, like:

  • Online payment assistance; and
  • Others support as required

Please be aware that online payment should not be completed with a third party, as that can mean real security issues for your card number and password. We are also put off by the vague “others support” that the company talks about. Specifically, the company offers visa services for the:

  • Federal Skilled Worker;
  • Quebec Skill (We are quite sure that that they spelled this program name wrong); and
  • Business Investor

We then looked at the information they provided about each of these programs. At first, we were impressed by the amount of detail the company gave until we noticed a sudden change in the websites grammar and language skills. We were right to doubt them. When the company first talks about the Federal Skilled Worker program, APIS literally just copied and pasted their information from other sources, not even bothering to rewrite it as their own. This is both disappointing and illegal in terms of intellectual copyright laws. If the company cannot be bothered to give you information legally, how will they handle your application? As we continued the Asia Pacific Immigration Services review, we also noticed that the company offers more visa services than we first thought. They are in charge of the:

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program;
  • Quebec Business and Investor Program;
  • Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program for:
    • Skilled Workers;
    • Businesses;
  • Family Sponsorship;
  • Study permit;
  • Visitor Visa; and
  • Citizenship application

We are totally confused after finding yet another section of the website that advertises the company’s services. After clicking on the links, we were redirected to a page that mentions nothing about these visa programs. This leaves us confused and unsure about what services the company actually offers. This is not how you want your customers to feel. At least we can say that the Online Assessment Form is useful and quite detailed. There are no less than four options offered by APIS and they appear to be pretty legit.


Well, besides the really poor English used on the site, we were mostly left with either confusion or irritation on the page. This is because of the bad organization on the site, especially when it comes to the services offered by the company. We also tried to find the company’s Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy, but we did not succeed. This is extremely worrying as all websites should have some form of these documents to ensure both the safety of their customers and the company. Because the company does not have these legal documents, it makes us doubt the company’s authority. Not only that, but the company website is also not secure from third-party hackers, so if you were hoping to make an online payment, think again! The blog is active with relevant topics and information, although the last post was on March 2019, which makes us wonder where they’ve disappeared to, as there have certainly been some updates and newsworthy changes regarding Canadian immigration policies since then. If a website is not HTTPS secure, you should always be wary when you put in any sensitive information like passwords, usernames or payment information.

Social Media Reviews

To give you a better understanding of the company, it is always a good idea to look at how the uses social media. Luckily for us, APIS seems to have quite a few social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest. APIS actually has a fairly good following on Facebook of around 49,775 people, though the number is inconsistent with the 250 people that the company has claimed to help immigrate to Canada. But besides this weird mismatch, it seems that the company has a fairly good reputation with its customers. But when we looked closer, we realized that most of these reviews were actually no reviews at all, just people talking to the company and rating it, but that is not to say that there aren’t some positive reviews. Unlike their Facebook account, Apis’s Twitter has a much lower following of 1,987. They post regularly about relevant immigration topics, but besides this, there is not much else to talk about on their Twitter. The Pinterest and Youtube channel is simply not worth mentioning as the Pinterest account was last active 2 years ago and there is no content on the youtube channel.


The one major positive of this company is the fact they hire at least one RCIC to legally assist you with paid immigration services. It does help that the company offers a free assessment that gives you four main choices for certain immigration programs. But on the other side, there is a lot to say about the company. The content is badly written in very poor English. Canada will only accept applications that are written in good French or English, so the fact that the company says it can assist here makes us really doubtful. Yet another glaring issue we have with APIS is that there is no clarity about what services they offer on their website. We were given several conflicting information sources and were left pretty much confused about how it all works. Yet another let down is the fact that the company does not have important legal documents, like a Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Refund Policy, on their website. In fact, we could not find a trace of any of these important documents that are there to ensure legal security for the company and its customers. We would like to say that this Asia Pacific Immigration Service review gets better, but it doesn't. Turns out that the site is also not secure, meaning it is vulnerable to third party hackers. So if you were planning to make an online payment, you should be extremely careful. At least on the social media front, APIS performs less painfully. Their Facebook seems to have a really good following and even some positive comments about the company’s services, although some people seemed to have not figured out that reviews are not a comment section for general queries. Have you had any personal experience with APIS? Tell us in the reviews section below.