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About Aries International

Aries International is multinational immigration and studying consultancy with over a decade of experience. They have offices worldwide and trustworthy immigration consultants that are knowledgeable about immigration and the various laws. The headquarters for Aries International is in Canada but they also have offices in:
  • Kochi
  • Dubai
  • Melbourne
  • Cairo
  • Mumbai
Aries international will help you immigrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the European Union, and the UK. Aries will also help you get a study visa in:
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Cypress
  • Germany
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Dubai
There is a seal for the ICCRC and for the Australian immigration organization, MARA. There is an RCIC number provided on the website R413471 but there is no name provided, the name that we found on the website is for Hanbin Kim. There is no number for the MARA agent or a name provided so we are not sure who the MARA agent is.

The Website

At first glance, this website is a complete mess. There are buttons and tabs crammed onto the screen with flashing buttons, which we find very distracting. The website design and layout is extremely outdated and needs some serious work. When you get into the website you are immediately warned about immigration fraud with a pop-up with the ICCRC’s logo displayed in the left-hand corner. Upon first look at the website, it is very cluttered and there is information everywhere. There is a video for Aries International and in the video, there are three different Aries companies mentioned, Aries International, Aries Infotek and Aries Design. The video is basic and provides no real information about the immigration company. One of the main things that we have a problem with is the fact that Aries International offers immigration and studying services to so many different countries yet there is only one immigration organization’s seal provided, the ICCRC. We find this very worrying as an ICCRC agent cannot provide immigration services to all of the other countries. Something else that the website is lacking is important online documentation. There is no privacy policy, refund policy or terms and conditions nor is the website secure. This is extremely important when it comes to websites. The information that is provided on the website for the various immigration applications for Canada is helpful and brief, except for the student visa which gives basically no information. The business investor visa is detailed, including step by step processes for the business investor program. 

Social Media

The social media presence for Aries International is not at all impressive. What we found is that there is a lot of focus on Canada and not much focus on any of the other countries that they claim to do immigration to. There are social media links from the website for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and a WordPress blog. The Facebook page has over 6,000 likes and the posts to the account were regular up until November 2018 when they stopped and mainly focussed on Canadian immigration. The Twitter account has been suspended and the YouTube channel for Aries International seems to have no content. Their Pinterest account has 8 followers with plenty of what looks like ads. The WordPress blog has some interesting articles on it, all about Canadian immigration, however, was last updated in May 2017.




Aries International claims to offer immigration to a number of different countries yet the only immigration organization seal that is provided with a legitimate agent is the ICCRC. Aries International has a poor social media presence and its website is seriously lacking in appeal, is not updated nor is it as user-friendly as it could be. We are unsure whether Aries is a reliable immigration company as there are many faults with the website and their social media presence. If you have dealt with Aries International please leave a review below and tell us about your experience.