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About Aptech Global Immigration Services

Aptech Global Immigration Services is a global leading online immigration solutions provider, claiming top provide immigration assistance to different countries across the globe. They claim to have the sole purpose of helping people to fulfill their immigration goals. Based in New Delhi, India they fail to mention anything about their accreditation and whether they have a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in their ranks. They offer immigration services for moving to New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Denmark, and Germany.

Website and Services

The website for Aptech Global Immigration Services is very basic in appearance and in some cases it even looks lazy as not much effort seems to have been put in making the website user-friendly, including spelling mistakes in most of the content. In simple terms, the website of Aptech Global Immigration Services is not up to standard. Another thing worth mentioning is that the website for Aptech Global Immigration Services contains links to important documents such as Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages. Aptech Global Immigration Services are involved in the provision of various immigration services to a number of countries but much of the focus is on immigration to Canada. Some of these services include:
  • Visitors Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Driving Licence and Social Insurance Number applications
  • Health care and medical insurance
  • Accommodation and airport pickup

Social Media

Links to the social media platforms of Aptech Global can be found in the header of the website. The Facebook page has a significantly large following of 49,378 people. The posts are very regular and relevant to immigration, which is good. The company also has a Twitter and Youtube account.


Aptech Global Immigration Services have a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). We would like them to improve the appeal of their website. However, they seem to have a good reputation if the reviews online are anything to go by. Their social media presence is impressive, and they have made the effort to include important documents like Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages on their website.