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About Amir Ismail & Associates

Amir Ismail & Associates is a consultancy operating out of Toronto, Canada since 1991. Run by a group of immigration experts with extensive experience and a great reputation in immigration consulting, these consultants are formally trained in immigration law. They claim to have assisted 18k clients through 53 citizenship and residency programs and have 27 years of experience. In the About Us page, we found Mr. Amir Ismail who is a member of good standing with the ICCRC. He is also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) and is in possession of a few other industry-related licenses. Although his RCIC number is not stated on the website, we checked it on the ICCRC website and he is in good standing with the ICCRC. His RCIC number is R412319.

Website & Services

The website is well designed and user-friendly, however, it is a concern that a company with this much experience operates from a website that is not secure. This put all of their clients at risk of being a victim to third party hackers and is simply not acceptable for immigration experts who have been in the business for 27 years. AIA offers a range of citizenship, immigration and settlement services with specialized immigration consultants, some of which have been in the industry since 1991. These immigration services are not limited to just Canada but Australia, Malaysia, the UK, the USA too. Other services offered include student visas, PR card renewals and citizenship, tourist and business visitor visas, family sponsorship and others. AIA also offers assessments for Skilled Workers, for Business and High Net Worth Individuals as well as an assessment for Students. With no hiccups and everything neatly and strategically placed, the website is a pleasure to navigate. The "About Us" tab impressed us the most as it had all the necessary assurance an immigrant would be looking for. This includes advice on why you should hire a regulated immigration adviser and the importance thereof. We found a privacy policy strangely hidden on the home page just below the category bar at the top of the page and was recently added in March 2019. It is there but because the type is in white it remains hidden until you scroll over a picture. Two of the most important documents that are missing, however, is the Terms and Conditions and refund policy. These documents are of absolute importance as it protects both the client and the company. The website has a Recent Success Stories page filled with many “praise reports” and clients sharing their pleasant experience shared with Amir Ismail & Associates however the latest testimonial dates back to 2017 on the website and we were asked to visit the Facebook page for more a more recent list for 2016-2018. This still does not instill much confidence as surely there should be 2019 testimonials? There is an instant chat option however it has a rather noticeable spelling mistake, which are finer details that need to be attended to. The blog has a total of 6 posts and is unfortunately not updated regularly with the last post added in 2015, which is a shame as this would’ve added value to the site.

Social Media & Online Review

AIA has Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We’ve picked up the trend that in immigration companies, the Twitter accounts seem to be the most neglected. With that being said, the last time their Twitter page was recently active in September, however, is not regularly updated as much as it could be. They have a  modest following of just over 3k followers and 13,3k tweets since they joined in 2009. The LinkedIn page seems to be a personal one belonging to Amir Ismail and we find it to be rather irrelevant as it should be a business page in order to be considered to add credibility to the company. The Instagram account has 1,579 followers and a relatively regular amount of post however this needs to be increased in order to improve user interactivity. Their Facebook account is a bit more active than Twitter as the page and is regularly updated with relevant content. With over 146k likes, moderate user interaction and good response time, we are impressed with their social media presence however was disappointed that they have disabled the review page. Overall AIA has a clean online reputation.


Overall, Amir Ismail & Associates seem more than credible to lawfully handle your immigration needs. They have a decent social media presence and although their reviews page was disabled we did find a few reviews online which were predominantly positive barring 2, however, these were addressed almost immediately in a good response time. We are however concerned that the website is not secure and that there are no terms and conditions or refund policy which is simply unacceptable for a company that has been running for 27 years. We do hope to see these issues fixed along with a few spelling errors in the future as this is very important, but we are content with what we have seen thus far. If you have had any experience with Amir Ismail & Associates please leave your review in the reviews section below.