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About Allied Employment & Immigration Services

With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Allied Immigration Services is “a rapidly expanding and increasingly recommended organization with the sole purpose of making the tedious process of immigration easier.” Or as we would usually phrase it, Allied Immigration Services is a Canadian immigration agency. Mr. Ravi Iyer who also works with one of the biggest Immigration Consultant Company across North America, Universal Immigration, is Allied’s Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant and a member in good standing with the ICCRC. He is ‘highly’ qualified and experienced in handling different applications of immigration in Canada. He is quite a traveler and carries the wise knowledge and insight gained worldwide to guide clients in the best possible way.

Website & Services

Though the imagery used on the website is not of the greatest quality, Allied Immigration Services has an exceptional website. It is evident that time and effort has gone into the construction of this website as their content touches on all frequently asked questions/queries. Their content is well written and well researched, the facts are on point and are not misleading in any way. A feature worth mentioning, one we quite liked is their animated photo gallery which appears in the sidebar of their website. This is a non-stop slideshow of successful clients posing with what appears to be their approved visas. We’re used to a Testimonial page but this is refreshingly different and we can work with different. We found the website does contain a Privacy Policy but unfortunately the page opens up as an error. The services we found for Allied Immigration included; a Free Evaluation, Resume Writing, Credential Assessment, Job Assistance, Express Entry, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Student Visa, Caregiver Programs, Family Sponsorship, Ontario PNP, British Columbia PNP, Saskatchewan PNP, Nova Scotia PNP, Manitoba PNP, New Brunswick PNP. Also featured on their website are job alerts which is a great feature to have.

Social Media

For Allied Immigration, we found a Facebook profile that is hopelessly outdated. The page didn’t have a real purpose to it, as once again there’s a broad display of photographs of clients with their approved visas. Some of the older posts were news related links regarding immigration-related articles or jobs. As far as an online presence goes, there isn’t much of a presence to speak of.


Overall, we’re quite happy with what we have seen on Allied Employment & Immigration Services. The company shows diligence and professionalism and will be a great option for your immigration process. We can confirm that they are active regulated ICCRC members and have the proper qualifications and paperwork to handle immigration-related situations.