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About Allen & Hodgman

Allen & Hodgman was founded in 1983 as a general practice law firm and for the first 15 years, they concentrated on civil litigation, employment law, civil rights, criminal defense, and family law. Their focus now is on business and family immigration for both the U.S. and Canada. Bruce Allen graduated cum laude from Harvard University and magna cum laude graduate from Boston University School of Law. He is a member and in good standing with the bars of U.S. states and the Supreme Court. Upon doing a lawyer search for Mr. Allen, he does check out as a legitimate lawyer in the U.S. Blair Hodgman graduated cum laude from Tufts University and cum laude from Boston University School of Law and she is recognized by the Nova Scotia Bar in Canada. According to the website, both lawyers can practice law in the U.S. and Canada. They have 2 offices, one in Ohio, US and another in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The website & Services


The website is simple and user-friendly. It provides you with all the correct information about the different visa applications as well as Canada Immigration Waivers for Criminal Convictions and a way for people to enter Canada if they have previous convictions under certain practices known as Rehabilitation or Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). They offer services for all major Canadian immigration programs and visas except business visas. The reason for this is that some crimes are not recognized as crimes in Canada, like sexual relations with the same sex. The website is however not secure and doesn't offer any information regarding cost or payment methods. The blog seemed to be updated once a month with relevant information however, suddently stopped on July 12th, 2019. The website also makes no mention of the ICCRC or any RCICs and both Bruce Allen and Blair Hodgman do not check out on the ICCRC website as accredited.

Social Media & Reviews


There are no social media links on their website, no privacy policy, no terms, and conditions or refund policy. There are no client testimonials on their website and we struggled to find anything anywhere online. The website for Allen & Hodgman was only created in April 2014. This is very worrying if they have been a law firm since 1983. They provide images for their office in the U.S. and Canada but the information is very vague and does not really tell you much else. The U.S. office is situated in Cleveland, Ohio. The Canadian office is situated in Atlantic Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The office is run by Blair Hodgman.


Finding any substantial information about Allen & Hodgman was quite difficult. Their social media presence is non-existent as are their client testimonials. It makes us worry that we cannot find a single client review online. They do claim to be part of the 2015 American Immigration Lawyers Association. Both Bruce Allen and Blair Hodgman check out as lawyers in both the U.S. and in Canada but for a law firm that has been going since 1983, it is quite strange that they have such a poor company identity. There is also no mention of RCICs or affiliation with the ICCRC. We would advise you to proceed with extreme caution and be extremely careful. The only photo of Bruce Allen on the website is an extremely old and outdated one. We would not feel comfortable using this firm for our immigration process.