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About Alberta Immigration

Alberta Immigration was founded in 1997 by Warren and Sara Green, they are also the Managing Directors. They have been recruiting people from all over the world to come and work in Canada for years now. They have experience in immigration, employment services, settlement, and real estate purchases. Alberta Immigration has offices in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan and both Warren and Sara are registered RCIC agents and are in good standing with the ICCRC. Warren Green’s RCIC number is R411311 and Sara Green’s RCIC number is R411303.

The website

The website offers a basic but easy to use layout. It contains all the information you need, but some of the information is linked right to the governments' website. It's rather disappointing that Alberta Immigration could not take the time to write their own content for the most important programs pertaining to Canadian Immigration. In addition, there are no terms and conditions or privacy policy on their website, which is an essential component of any credible immigration firm.

Social Media

There are no links to any social media platforms on the Alberta Immigration website. This is a massive oversight by the company because social media is a very important part of expanding the reach of your company to as many potential customers as possible. They should definitely look into this. 


Alberta Immigration gives us no reason to doubt their credibility, but there are definitely steps they need to take to solidify their status as a reputable immigration firm. These steps include producing their own content, adding important information to their website like terms and conditions and privacy policy and establishing themselves on social media platforms.