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About ACAN Immigration

ACAN Immigration is based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. There are two registered RCIC agents that are all recognized by the ICCRC and in good standing. These agents are Nadia Zamzul (R510113) and Daniel Droogendijk (R509541) ACAN Immigration deals mainly with Family Sponsorship but they do offer services for the other visa applications. Daniel is the Managing Director of ACAN Immigration and specializes in the more complex sponsorship files. He has experience in this field and he understands the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Nadia graduated in Canadian Immigration Laws Policy and Procedures from the University of British Columbia. She also attended the University of Oslo in Norway. She studied in the Faculty of Law and specialized in Refugee and Asylum and International Criminal Law. The team of ACAN Immigration and diverse and they understand the pressures and hardships of immigrating to another country alone. ACAN contracts agents from across the globe and they network within their countries and then refer clients to the Acan team in Canada.

Website and Social Media

The website for ACAN Immigration is basic and easy to use. There is a lot of information provided on the team at ACAN and what we liked is that they make it a bit personal. They understand that immigration is not an easy process. They indicate clearly that they specialize in Family Sponsorship and that they are well equipped to deal with any issue you have. They are able to assist you with even the smallest problem. With regard to social media, ACAN is severely lacking. There are no links to any social media platform. This does not reflect well on the company as they should be established on at least some social media platforms to solidify their status as a credible immigration firm. 


ACAN Immigration may not have a great social media presence but both RCIC agents are registered and in good standing with the ICCRC. ACAN Immigration is also BBB Accredited. There is a lot of information that is provided for the individual RCIC agents and their qualifications. They continuously remind you that they understand the stresses of immigration. If you have dealt with ACAN Immigration please leave a review in our reviews section below.