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About ACA Immigration

 ACA Immigration Inc. is “your partner in immigration” or so they say. ACA is an immigration consultancy firm operating out of Mississauga, Ontario. They have been in business since 1995 so the company is well established and has earned a respected reputation globally. Upfront in the head of their official website is the statement “ACA Immigration Inc Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, over 20 years of successful practice.” Of course, we had to do our own research to find out if there is any truth in this statement. We can confirm that they are actually a regulated ICCRC agency, Wanda Dobrowolska being the active member in good standing. Not much is said about Wanda on the website and to be frank she is mentioned but not introduced.

Website & Services

ACA Immigration’s website isn’t much to look at but we have to admit their content does not disappoint. The imagery seems a bit off as it doesn’t flow very well together. There are no tabs in the header and any navigation is instead found in the sidebar. The content appears squashed and presented in a really odd colored font. There is no set theme or design on this website as it has an “anything goes” type of feel. To dig a bit deeper into the content we were really pleased to see both a Privacy and Copyright Policy page. The Privacy Policy is thoroughly discussed and explained and this will surely give clients a sense of the company’s professionalism. Because of the basic layout of the website, it’s relatively easy to navigate even for those who aren’t really tech-savvy. The services that ACA offer includes; general personalized consultation, preparing and submitting applications on behalf of clients, legal counseling, settlement advice, and several visa options. You’re also able to “Order Consultation” online if you wish to book a telephonic or skype consultation, which is a really convenient tool to have.

Social Media

Links to the social media platforms of ACAImmigrationo can be found in the header of their website. The Facebook link opens to a non-existent page, which is worrisome. This link needs to be fixed by ACA Immigration to ensure they present the best image of themselves through online platforms.


ACA Immigration Inc seems to be doing well and is able enough to handle your immigration specifics as they are registered ICCRC members. We enjoyed their thorough understanding of the immigration industry and representation thereof. We don’t have any doubts or speculations at this point in time, but they do need to work on the social media presence of the company.