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About 7 Seas Immigration


7 Seas Immigration is an immigration firm based in Canada. They claim to have ‘helped thousands of people successfully settle in Canada’. They make mention of an RCIC consultant by the name of Mr. Pritpal Grewal and after doing some research, we found that he is indeed a registered member, along with 7 Seas Immigration.

Website & Services


7 Seas Immigration mainly focuses on Canadian immigration services that include but is not limited to Family Class, Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Skilled Trades Workers, and Business Visa just to name a few. Their website has a clean and simple design but lacks color and is quite bland. Their website lacks terms and conditions as well as a privacy policy, which is rather concerning.

Social Media & Online Reviews


The links to the social media platforms of 7 Seas Immigration is nowhere to be seen. This is definitely an oversight by the company because the age of social media has made it imperative to expand your reach as wide as possible. We eventually found them on Facebook, where they have a really small following of only 242 people. This is the perfect example of why they should pay more attention to their social media. There’s not really much to go on here, so we can’t establish how responsive they are or get hold of any reviews.



7 Seas Immigration is a credible immigration firm. They have at least one RCIC consultant. However, they have no terms and conditions, privacy policy and are severely lacking in the social media department. If you could offer some perspective by reviewing this company in the comments, that would be great.