It’s an association that permits us to pass data starting with one source to another. Often times we require data and sometimes we have information to share. The number of people on the planet has recently topped 7 billion, so why not construct a team of people to help you with your pursuit of employment? We concentrate on how networking in Canada can be instrumental in finding a job. We’ve accumulated some straightforward tips to help you build a team of individuals to help you with your job search. It’s amazing how supportive individuals can be, so don’t be intimidated about approaching somebody for help. To network effectively, you need solid communication skills and an eagerness to connect with others. This is Canada’s best-known secret to success, their great economy, and strong workforce. According to newcomers, Canada’s real job market is hidden. Those online job boards and newspaper ads are showing just a fraction of all the jobs that are available, you need to access the hidden job market, through networking. The vast majority of jobs available are never advertised.

What is a Network/Networking?


A network is simply who you know. Odds are you already have a network, yet you don’t even know it. Your network is your family, it is individuals that you know through past occupations, individuals you went to school with or know from professional affiliations. Your network is made up of your friends, your friend’s friends, and their friends. You are associated with these individuals by who you know. They are the secret to accessing the hidden job market. There are two types of networking; personal networking and professional networking. Your personal networks consist of your friends and family, as well as people you’ve built relationships with. Professional networks are people who know you and your work, such as former coworkers, clients and members of your professional association. A good tip is to network with people who share similar interest.

The Purpose of Networking


The core of networking in Canada is conveying your worth to others. To do as such, you have to understand your qualities and shortcomings well. Before immersing yourself into a networking situation, ask yourself the following questions; what are your strengths? What makes you the exception? What are your goals, both personally and professionally? Employers want to know and trust the people they hire. For this very reason, Canadian employers usually hire through personal or professional networks. When businesses have a vacancy, they will first seek out contacts, ex-colleagues, friends and acquaintances and recommendations. A good resume is usually not enough, having the right contacts mentioning your name to the right employers can land you the job.

Don’t Overshare


Anything longer than 20 seconds is over-sharing. Typically, 20 seconds is the ideal time frame to cover who you are, what you do and what you would like to do in the future. Cover things such as your name, your occupation/qualification and be sure to include how the person/s in front of you can help you. For example: “I’m looking to connect with other designers, particularly designers with a digital background.” If they cannot help you, they can surely appoint you to someone who can.

Tips for networking

  • As often as you can, make a list of people you know in your field who have Canadian work experience.
  • Keep in contact with people in your field and start asking for their advice. A good contact may be willing to share their great contacts network with you.
  • Any social event is a potential networking event print business cards.
  • Dress accordingly. Always adhere to the dress code and dress to impress.
  • Intentional body language- a firm handshake, a warm smile, and eye contact.
  • Climb out of your comfort zone, mingle with all races, gender, and backgrounds.
  • Ask questions- who? What? Where? When? Why?
  • This is about you getting your word out there but take the time to listen, you’ll make stronger connections this way.
  • Don’t do too much in one night, a healthy ‘connection’ number is 2 or 3 people per event. Any more than that could possibly confuse you and cause you to lose out on important details.
  • Follow up- this is vital. Be sure to make contact with your connection within a few days, while it is fresh in your mind as well as theirs.

As mentioned before, networking is your key to the hidden job market, though the internet and classifieds are a great place to start the real job market is pretty much invisible. Now that you know the secret, where will you get your business cards printed?