Who is eligible to apply for the Super Visa?


Parents or grandparents of Canadian nationals and permanent residents may be qualified to apply for the Super Visa. The candidates will not be evaluated on the basis of well-being or security, but they might be required to meet particular conditions put forward by the visa office through which they will apply. Note that no dependents can be incorporated on this application as the program is only open to guardians or grandparents, together with their companions or common-law partners. Candidates also need to buy and show evidence of Canadian medical insurance that meets the base prerequisites and covers them for no less than 1 year.

What is required from the family member in Canada?


The individual/s receiving a grandparent or parent will need to provide proof that they are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Additionally, they will need to provide the candidate with a letter of invitation. This is a letter that offers information about the candidate's arranged visit, about the child or grandchild's occupation and financial circumstance in Canada. Above all, this letter must incorporate a composed and marked guarantee of monetary backing for the candidate for the term of their visit. The Canadian member also has to show that their income is above a predetermined minimum level.


The Application Process


The application procedure is similar to that of a customary Temporary Residence Visa (TRV). Unlike this program, extra documentation is required to guarantee that the guardians and grandparents will be supported throughout their stay in Canada. The completed application will be evaluated on a number of variables. The reason for the visit to Canada will be inspected, and whether guardians or grandparents will maintain sufficient ties to their home country. This can be shown by demonstrating family ties, accounts, and different associations that lie outside of Canada. All Super Visa candidates will be required to experience a medical examination. Forms and directions for this examination will be issued by the visa office after the application has been submitted.