Bartending or Serving

Serving and bartending have been among the most widely recognized job choice for students for many years. One reason is its flexible scheduling. Numerous establishments offer part-time jobs with hours accessible in the nights and on weekends, which could permit you to work around your classes. Another reason is the possibility to earn great cash. Despite the fact that the time-based compensations for servers and bartenders in 2015 went from $8.08 to $17.14 and from $8.16 to $18.26, individually, the best profit frequently comes as tips. For most restaurant patrons, tipping 15 to 20 percent is viewed as the standard according to an survey. So if your total sales on a shift added up to $500, then your normal salary from tips could add up to $75 to $100 on top of your hourly wage.

A dog walker

Not only is this a good source of income it’s a great way to stay healthy and fit whilst doing so.  Even a pet sitter, sounds like a dream job. Here payment varies, but on average a dog walker typically charges anywhere from $15-$35 per dog, per walk which could be up to an hour-long. So if you are walking five dogs per day, five days a week, and charging around $22.50 per puppy, then you could acquire $562.50 every week. Simply recall that you have to check your city's regulations with respect to insurance requirements.


In the event that you excel in specific subjects and enjoy helping others, then tutoring can be a decent low maintenance job. You could tutor more youthful students in elementary, middle, or secondary school, or you could tutor other undergrads. The school you go to may offer a mentoring project, or you can promote your services privately through public notice sheets and sites. Tutors could charge $15 to $20 per hour, which can vary from student and subject.

Nanny or Babysitter

Most parents require childcare, whether part-time or full-time. On the off chance that you have some experience with children and enjoy looking after them and being in their company, then a nanny/babysitter position may work well for you. It qualifies as a job that is often suitable for undergrads since it can offer flexible hours and opportunities to finish homework amid children’s nap times. You could even find a live-in position where the parents give you food and lodging, as well as an hourly wage or monthly salary.


The vast majority don't think of a barista as lucrative employment, and in fact, it's definitely not. A Starbucks barista makes an average of $7.73 to $10.98 an hour, and a shift supervisor makes $9.66 to $13.25 an hour. So why might a barista make this list of jobs for undergrads that pay well? Due to the perks. While most of these jobs require some type of skill, a great personality can land you any job. Be sure not to overwork yourself as your grades are still the most important part. If at any point balancing a job and studies become too much, cut down your work hours, if it is still too much to bear, quit.