Mohali A Haven For Scammers?


On average, the local police force report at least five complaints against travel agencies and immigration consultancies each day. But these immigration scams don’t just leave people out of pocket, they can also lead to the arrest of the customer for trying to enter into countries with fake documentation. Because of the high number of immigration scams in the area, the local Mohali CIA investigated the matter.

Investigations Uncover Terrifying Numbers


After their investigation of 700 companies operating in the area, only 156 of these businesses were found to be registered immigration firms. Local police said that the number of fake companies had to do with the numerous people who wanted to migrate immediately without knowing anything about the immigration process. These uninformed people easily become victims of scammers. One such scam was done by Dolly Arora who, until the time of her arrest, had 30 charges made against her for immigration fraud when she operated under a company called Jet Immigration Firm. Unfortunately, this crime is one of many. Another such case was opened against Shalini Kapoor, who promised clients that she would assist them with traveling abroad using her company, World Class Enterprises Pvt Ltd. She was finally arrested earlier this year. Neena Sharma, one of the more successful scammers, was eventually caught by the police after she defrauded over 64 people, using two separate companies Sai Kirpa and Guru Kripa Enterprises.

Scammers Are The Only Ones Arrested, Think Again!


It is bad enough that hundreds of people are scammed by believable immigration frauds. To make matters worse, many clients are also charged for the crimes of using fake immigration services. Lovepreet Singh (26), was one of these unfortunate victims. This engineering student planned to complete his course in Canada and found a local company to help sort out the paperwork for a study visa. He paid for the application process and college fees and was even given an Offer letter to give to the university. When Lovepreet arrived at the college, the document was found to be fake and he was later denied entry into the college. But it didn’t end there. To add insult to injury, he was later arrested by the Immigration department for immigration fraud in January 2018.

They Mortgaged Their Home and Have Nothing to Show for It


A married couple Jaspreet Singh and Dara Singh mortgaged their local home in Gehlowal to cover their travel fees. “We are from a very poor family, we thought we would be able to repay the loan in a year,” said Jaspreet. But after handing over 1.20 lakh and not hearing anything from the SS Airways for over eight months, the couple eventually reported the company. The manager of the company is being charged under section 406, 420 and 120 b of the Immigration Act.

The Best Way to Avoid An Immigration Scam

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