Kwong claims that he made mistakes in his clients’ applications because of his large workload. He filled in incorrect paperwork and used clients’ cash that had been left as trust payment. Kwong admits that, “everything [he] did [he] takes full responsibility for,” and that he was “disappointed in [himself]”. Kwong also claims that he has contacted his clients to make amends for his failings.

Immigration Lawyer Banned For Two Years


Kwong has been banned from practicing law until the year 2020 until he can prove that he meets all the standards and conditions of the British Columbia Law Society.

Kwong’s Clients


Although Kwong an immigration lawyer seems sorry, it does not cover all the wrongs that his clients have had to go through. One of Kwong’s clients, a Swiss couple, were told their paperwork to apply to British Columbia had been filled out, after they bought a new home in the province. The couple filed for a Work permit on 12, February 2014, so that they could open a new business in British Columbia. Their lawyer said that their application was, “indeed in progress” on the 9th of May, 2014, even though he had not sent their application out. After seven months, Kwong finally sent their application to the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) in September. The CIC told the couple later that month that their application had failed. Kwong apparently claimed to have filled out their application many times, reassuring the couple that it was complete. The couple had paid out $3,217.50 to Kwong to handle their application. Another client who suffered from Kwong’s lapse was a young mother in British Columbia. In 2013 a client wanted to sponsor his wife to Canada and hired the lawyer. After months of delay, with the lawyer promising the paperwork would be handled, the young mother, who was pregnant at the time gave birth in a British Columbia Hospital while on a visitor visa. The client thought that his wife was covered under public healthcare, but she was not. After giving birth in a hospital, she had to pay all the medical fees herself, because she thought all the paperwork had been handled by Kwong. This cost the family thousands of dollars in medical fees.