Having never been registered with the ICCRC, she used her fake credentials to steal over $30,200 from ten different clients, while posing as a “Canadian immigration lawyer”. “Some people thought they were dealing with a lawyer,” said Lynda Trefler, part of the Senior Counsel at Public Prosecution Service of Canada.

Angelina Cordina’s Latest Crimes


Angelina Cordina Canadian immigration scam

She was arrested for:

For her crimes, Cordina must pay back all the money she stole from her “clients” from September 2011 to January 2014. Currently, this figure amounts to $30,200. She has also been slapped with a $100,000 fine by the Ontario Court.

Cordina’s Brush With the Law


Canadian judges' gavel after guilty verdict in immigration scam case

This is not the first time that Codina has been dragged to the court. In 1997 she was charged with malpractice after falsifying books and stealing $20,000 from the Ontario Province. Her crimes did not end there. In 2000, she was convicted of stealing from over eleven clients in New York from 1996 to 1999, when she operated under a company called Codina Partners International. Surprisingly, after being arrested, jailed and released in 2009, she started up yet another new Canadian immigration scam. Her new company was called Cordina International Consultants. Cordina has changed 10 lives for the worse with her actions of immigration fraud. The woman lost her legal license in 1983 but continued to operate out of “ghost companies” to fuel her lifestyle.

Some of Her Victims

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) reported on the impact that Cordina has had on her victims.

How to Report Immigration Fraud


Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

If you ever suspect or doubt that an immigration company, consultancy or agency is using illegal means, you can report them to the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre. The Canadian Anti Fraud Centre or CAFC is responsible for handling cases where people have lost money to fraudulent Canadian immigration scams. Want to find trustworthy Canadian immigration companies? Check out our trusted agent reviews on our website.