Mina Amissah, a social worker, was recently implicated in a fraud scandal in Accra, Ghana. Read more to discover how she ran away with more than $6000. Brain Damien Yeboah, a co-pilot living in Canada, wanted to send a nanny over from Ghana to Canada. Yeboah sought assistance with traveling documents and was referred to Amissah by a friend. Following their introduction, it is claimed that Amissah said that she has an uncle at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who can help people get visas. She tried to prove this statement by providing Yeboah with visas her uncle had apparently worked on. Unfortunately for him, he took the bait in hopes to organize 22 passports for his family, friends, and nanny to come to Canada.

To start the process he paid Amissah GH¢17,000 and GH¢5,000 to her husband. In total Yeboah handed over GH¢22,000, which is about CAD $6,100. Only 5 weeks after she received the money did Amissha send him copies of invitation letters. These letters came with the claim that the visas were in their final stage and that they would be ready in the next few days. Yeboah, sensing that something was wrong, demanded the passports be returned to him. When they finally came back to him, one passport was missing and none of them contained a visa. Seeing as she did not deliver on her promise, Yeboah expected a refund, but he never saw the money again.

Amissah claims that she gave the passports to Michael Anderson, who is standing trial with her. However, according to him he only received 21 passports and a sum of GH¢ 12,850. Anderson has pleaded not guilty to the charges of conspiracy and fraud. He has been admitted GH¢30,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on 18 June. Things do not look too good for Amissah. The court has ordered her arrest for failing to appear in court to answer the criminal charges made against her. Her actions make her seem even more suspicious. You can follow this case to its conclusion here. Unfortunately, cases like the above happen all too often. Immigration fraud is too easy to come by. Our years of reviews have taught us to be cautious and careful when dealing with persons involved in immigration. Sometimes it seems near impossible to find a credible, trustworthy person to help with your dream to migrate to Canada. We share in that frustration and that is precisely why we are dedicated to providing you with detailed, honest reviews of immigration services.