Xun Wung Professional Canadian Immigration Fraud

Xun Wung (49), has been released by the National Parole Board, after serving less than three years of his seven-year sentence. Wung is responsible for one of the biggest Canadian immigration fraud cases in the country’s history. He allowed over 1,000 of his clients to illegally move to Canada with promises of permanent residency and visas. During his career as an “immigration consultant”, he acquired over $10 million from his clients. He falsified Chinese Passports, lied about applicants qualifications, job offers, and their home addresses. He even used his own home address for over 100 clients to claim that they had spent the required two out of five years living in Canada. His crimes did not end there. Wung avoided paying even higher fines to both the Canadian government and the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) by transferring his illegal funds to his spouse. Using his two companies, New Can Consulting and Wellong International Investment Ltd, Wung cheated and lied to both his customers and Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). When he was finally arrested and charged, Wung had to pay $920,000 in fines to both IRCC and the CRA.

Back on the Streets

Despite all his criminal activity, Wung is back on the streets of Canada, after he was granted parole for good behaviour. Wung believes that he has done nothing illegal and that he does not need to pay the CRA any additional fees for the cash he acquired illegally from his clients. He eventually promised to pay the $920,000 fines by putting his house up for a mortgage. Unfortunately, his property has yet to appear on the market and the CRA have refused to say whether Wung has paid back his fine.

Wung’s Lies Could Lead to 1,081 Deportations

Wung’s lies have also had an impact on many other lives besides his own, 1,081 of his ex-clients could now be facing deportation charges. His former client, Zheng Li Geng is one of them. She could lose her new life and home in Vancouver, British Columbia, while Wung walks freely on the streets. To date, 608 of his old clients do not qualify for Canadian immigration, while others are undergoing their own legal hearings.

Avoid Immigration Fraud

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