Canada is one of the most popular choices when it comes to immigration. In 2019 alone, the home of the maple leaf welcomed over 300,000 newcomers! Made possible by its sophisticated immigration programs, this number is set to increase in 2020. But what makes Canada such a prime destination when people are looking for a new place to call home? See below for our top 5. 

1. Thank Canada for Express Entry


The Express Entry program is one of the biggest driving factors for people to move to Canada. Established in 2015, the program was aimed at addressing the issue Canada faces with regards to having a shortage of skilled workers. Despite being the second-largest country in the world, Canada does not have a population large enough to supply it’s expanding industries with sufficient skilled workers. Through the Express Entry program, people who are hoping to relocate and who possess the desired skill set, education and experience can have their application fast-tracked and be working in Canada in as little as 6 months. This speedy turnaround time has made Express Entry the most popular route of applying to move to Canada.

2. It’s All About The Money


For many people, the sound of better wages, a wealth of job opportunities and higher earning potential is all the justification they need for wanting to move to Canada. Due to Canada’s sparse population and rapidly expanding industries, new jobs are becoming available every day and they need people to fill it. Canada boasts one of the highest minimum hourly wages in the world, at an attractive $11 an hour. An opportunity for better employment is one of the biggest driving factors for people to make the move.

3. Free Healthcare and Education


One of the things newcomers look forward to after immigrating to Canada is enjoying the government-subsidized healthcare and education offered by the country. Each province has its own version of subsidized healthcare, but this generally includes over the counter and prescription medication for residents under the age of 25. Canada values its youth, and this is reflected in the fact that education is covered by the government right through to secondary school. For people who are moving to Canada with their children, these two factors are definitely on the top of their list of reasons to take the plunge to start their new life in Canada.

4. Quality of Life 

Canada’s appeal as one of the best places to live in the world is undeniable. The thing that sets it apart from other countries is that there really is something for everyone. Toronto offers a bustling city life alive with possibilities. For adventure seekers, Canada’s maritime provinces and rocky mountain region is a dream come true. For families who want to be nestled in the expansive nature that Canada is famous for, Saskatchewan would likely be higher on their list. 

5. Canada Embraces Diversity and Celebrates Multiculturalism 


For many immigrants, moving to a new country is rooted in the fear of not being welcomed into a new society and even worse, being discriminated against for where they come from. Canada has truly set itself apart in this regard, fostering a welcoming environment for its newcomers and truly celebrating the diversity that exists in the country. This is reflected in programs like Express Entry that encourage immigrants who have the desired skills to move to Canada. In addition, Canada embraces the culture of its minorities through institutions like the Aga Khan Museum, which showcases Islamic art, Iranian art, and Muslim culture. Canada is committed to ensuring that its immigrants are not only accepted but celebrated. Multiculturalism Day is celebrated in Canada annually on June 25th. 

Choosing The Right Representation 

It’s extremely important that you utilize the services of regulated consultants to assist you with your Canadian visa application. Fraudulent companies are on the rise and are surprisingly good at appearing to be legitimate. If you are hoping to move to Canada and would like the assistance of a credible and experienced company, have a look at our list of the Top 10 Immigration Agencies.