There is no better approach to experience the best of Canada than via train. So here is our list of the 6 of the best train trips to take through Canada, where you can find seaside urban areas like the "Gateway to Alaska," Vancouver. Admire the stunning magnificence of the Canadian Rockies with its snow-capped towns and acclaimed National Parks, Jasper and Banff. Visit cosmopolitan urban cities like Toronto and Ottawa. Savor the experience of the way of life and food of Montreal. Reveal the natural wonders of the Maritimes including Halifax's Lunenburg and Mahone Bay. Whether your voyages take you on an overnight journey on board chief sleeper trains or on an all-light rail experience profound into parts of the country inaccessible by any other method of transportation, a Canada rail tour incorporates abroad notorious trains including comfortable onboard lodging and flavorful suppers as you go to the country’s must-see destinations.

  • Across Canada- The ultimate adventure? Gliding across Canada by train, Toronto to Vancouver on VIA Rail. The outing keeps going for almost four days and there are a few takeoffs every week; if you need to save money, go in winter, when costs are reduced. By means of Rail recently changed the timetable to enhance daylight viewing in the Rockies.
  • Through the Rockies- A large portion of the excitement of a cross-Canada train trip is experiencing the Rockies. No time for the entire thing? Rough Mountaineer Vacations runs train trips through the mountains, Vancouver to Calgary or the other way around. Go by day when you can see the sights, and stay at an inn overnight.
  • The far north- The best train trips take you to places without streets or cars. Like the VIA train from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba, on the shore of Hudson Bay. It's a 1,700-kilometer, two-night trip that expenses as meager as $157 (one way) if you go, coach.
  • The Nearer North- The Polar Bear Express is an exemplary excursion train, going between Cochrane, Ontario, and Moosonee on James Bay amid the mid-year. The one-day, return-trip journey is a brisk approach to encounter the north - particularly in case you're taking kids along.
  • Overnight- If you have the time and bit of extra money, it's justified, despite all the trouble to take a compartment or a room on an overnight train and let yourself be rocked to sleep by the alleviating “clickety-click” of the wheels on the track. The excursion from Montreal to Halifax on VIA Rail's The Ocean endures around 21 hours, simply enough time to kick back and unwind.
  • Though this trip could be a bit costly, proper saving would make it worthwhile. With that being said, we cannot recommend this trip highly enough. It more than met more than expectations. You can book directly with the Rocky Mountaineer staff in Canada however, the train only runs between May and the end of September. They are booked about 12 months ahead of time

For the longest time, one of the ‘must-do’ holidays on every traveler’s list has been the legendary cross-Canada train trip, from Toronto to Vancouver, over the Dominion in vista-dome comfort. This is a must add to your list of the best train trips to take through Canada, that will really make for an unforgettable trip!