1. Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains

Banff National Park is nestled in the heart of the magnificent Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta. Turquoise crystal clear lakes, lush green trees reaching heavenly heights a scene sure to take your breath away. Notoriously known for the park’s jewel, Lake Louise where the crystal waters reflect the surrounding mountains. In the winter season, Banff transforms into a major winter sports arena. Because the lake freezes over, attracting skiers and skaters alike, making it one of Canada’s most prominent ski destinations.

2. The CN Tower

The urban city of Toronto is home to the prestigious CN Tower, a correspondence tower with an antenna that compasses over 1,800-feet high, making this one of the tallest free-standing structures on the planet. You can catch a glimpse of the CN tower from anyplace in the city. In any case, you can wander downtown to the heart of Toronto to snap photographs or take the lift to see the whole cityscape from the astonishing observation tower.

3. Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is Canada's most popular natural attraction, bringing in millions of guests every year. Found a little more than an hour's drive from Toronto, along the border of America and Canada, these huge falls drop around 57 meters. Guests can view the falls from the top or take a boat trip to the edge of the falls. Niagara Falls and the Niagara Gorge have been pulling in travelers and thrill-seekers for well over a century. Families will appreciate a stroll down Niagara's ludicrous Clifton Hill leading to the gorge and falls.

4. The Northern Lights

The Northwest Territories is Canada's biggest and most unblemished natural wilderness. Home to wood bison, moose, beaver, muskrat, caribou, grizzly bear, foxes, wild bear, and whales, the most spectacular component remains the "Aurora Borealis" or the Northern Lights, a natural light show that can most commonly be found in September to October and from March to April, around evening time.

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks are unusual rock formations, caused by tidal erosions located on the upper shores of the Bay of Fundy. This is one of the Marine Wonders of the World and holds records of some of the world’s highest tides, rising up to 4 stories high. In the surrounding area is Fundy National Park, which has around 110km of hiking trails, 40 km of mountain biking trails, and an abundance of camping areas.