Want to visit Canada? Looking for the most budget-friendly way to explore parts of this beautiful country? What better way to see the best Nova Scotia has to offer than by cruise liner? Besides, what’s more thrilling than retracing the original path of the Titanic? ; ) Just kidding, but you’ll be pretty close though. (Remember to bring an extra raft, just in case.)

If you visit Canada on a cruise, you don't have to sweat the small (and big) stuff, like the majority of your meals, accommodation, entertainment and dragging heavy luggage along with you everywhere you go. All you need to worry about is booking your offshore excursions in time, to enjoy an eventful day in the picturesque, maritime province of Nova Scotia. In this article, we uncover the best things to see and do in Nova Scotia, so that you know what to plan for when booking your cruise to Canada!

What’s in a Name? 

Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Latin and it’s the second smallest Canadian province. Your cruise ship will disembark in Halifax for the day, the capital city of Nova Scotia. Halifax has snowy winters and more pubs per capita than any other Canadian city. Besides enjoying a pint, here are 5 other things to do and see on your cruise to Nova Scotia!

What to Do and See in Nova Scotia, Canada


For the Food Lovers Visiting Canada

Every cruise liner will have a gastronomic experience available to the visitor who knows that to truly immerse oneself in another culture, you have to dine like the locals. 

1. Halifax Foodie Tour


This 2.5 hours food journey with five stops to some of the best local eateries in Nova Scotia is the ultimate tour to sample wine and delicious Canadian dishes. It includes a guided tour and a scenic drive from the city’s south end to the popular Citadel Hill. The Citadel overlooks the city and was a military mainstay for several years.

Highlight of the tour: Foodies can look forward to the ‘Halifax donair’ - a roast beef sandwich with garlicky sauce. (We ‘heard’ it’s the ultimate hangover food.) 

2. Wine Tasting

With its French influence, it comes as no surprise that Nova Scotia is home to award-winning wineries. Wine lovers the world over get to pair decadent cheese with aromatic flavors of the wines of places like Grand Pré, L'Arcadie, Benjamin Bridge and Lightfoot & Wolfville. While overlooking panoramic valleys, a wine connoisseur will guide you sip by sip through a taste sensation. After your wine tastings, you'll head back to your port destination in Halifax.   

For the Thrill Seekers Visiting Canada


Nova Scotia doesn’t come action-packed. This small seaside province has a relaxed atmosphere, trademarked by good seafood and relaxing hikes whilst breathing in the salty, crisp air. But, one thing that does get Nova Scotians blood pumping is the adrenaline of reeling in a ten pounder! 

3. Deep-Sea Fishing

This one's for the dad who won’t mind giving the souvenir shopping trip a skip. Leave the city behind for an afternoon and sail off into the Atlantic for a deep-sea fishing tour that will give you stunning views of Halifax. The cold water of the Atlantic is home to schools of cod, haddock, mackerel, and Boston bluefish. Let local experts show you the tricks of the major trade in Nova Scotia. You don’t have to worry about a thing, all bait and equipment are supplied. Your job is to cast off and get Flounder to bite. 

For the ‘Picture Perfect Moment’ Hunters Visiting Canada

Nowadays, a trip is not complete without snapping the perfect picture for the gram. Luckily, you’ll be spoiled for choice when you visit Canada because it’s one of the top ten most beautiful countries in the world!


4. Halifax and Peggy Cove 

There are many excursions that offer highlight tours of Halifax and of course, the scenic coastal route of Peggy’s Cove. Each excursion will offer a different flavor, like a stop at Ryer Lobsters restaurant because a visit to Nova Scotia is not complete without seafood. Other tours will give you the opportunity to explore the Maritime Museum which has a Titanic exhibition, with real artifacts from the famous ship that sank not too far from the Nova Scotia coastline.

While exploring The Cove on foot, don’t forget to snap a picture of the Devonian Granite Rock Formations which influence much of the landscape around Peggy's Cove. These million-year-old boulders appear to be growing out of the fields of moss and shrubs.

5. Nature and Whale Watch


Soak in the Maritime life of Canada. These tours take you to the beautiful rocky coastline of Duncan’s Cove which offers the perfect vantage point to spot some of the native sea life, like the minke and fin whales. As an added bonus, the tour crew will pull up a lobster trap to show you how to hold and handle the crusty critters. (Not for the faint-hearted). During the tour, you’ll see many iconic sights, like the lighthouse at Chebucto Head.  

Best Cruises to Visit Nova Scotia 

Royal Carribean: From $417 per person
Norwegian: From $622 per person
Carnival: From $622 per person

Note: Cruise prices vary depending on the port of call, duration of the cruise and the type of cabin you choose. 

How to Visit Canada?

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