As of late, the seaside city of Vancouver has pulled in a great many Irish citizens to its shores. While contemporary Vancouver is noted for engrossing settlers from around the globe, especially Asia, the city still attracts many Irish nationals, a number of whom touch base on working occasions and IEC visas. Pulled in by light and developing economy, mellow atmosphere, and great personal satisfaction, the Irish in Vancouver have effectively integrated with Canadians and migrants from different terrains while staying consistent with their roots. In case you’re keen on driving in Vancouver, the uplifting news is that British Columbia has recently started trading driving licenses with Ireland, without the need to do a driving test, in most cases. We have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions as asked by Irish emigrants, as well as some feedback from Irish living in Canada currently.



The first question that many ask is “what’s it like looking for a job in Canada?” Many Irish people have expressed that Canada is an “networking obsessed” nation and rely greatly on this. It is therefore encouraged to meet as many locals as possible through networking gatherings and social activities. Many jobs are not advertised as they’ve adopted a culture of importance on who you know.



The majority of Irish newcomers lease as opposed to purchasing. Housing in Canada shifts significantly amongst provinces and territories, cities and suburbs. If you are still trying to decide where to settle in a province or city, the government-run Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation site has exhaustive data on lodging to purchase or lease in all Canadian urban areas, and additionally destination guides for some of Canada’s lesser-known regions. It additionally offers a valuable newcomer’s manual for Canadian housing, with guidance on leasing or purchasing interestingly.

Social life


Most Irish have recommended joining some sort of social club or society, to help you to make friends and just build your social life since this will now be your new home. Canada has outdoor activities in abundance and this is another great way to ensure that you make a friend or two. Other suggestions include volunteer groups, local political groups, and hobby groups. Irish immigrants suggest that you’ve got to “be open to new things.” As expected, many have suggested online social websites to connect, just to break the ice before physically getting out there. Since Vancouver has earned its title as Canada’s “Cultural Capital”, the fast-growing tourist hotspot offers many opportunities for immigrants.