1. Get yourself a map or make sure you know exactly where you are going. It’s time to start exploring your new home!
  2. Find your mode of transport, whether it is a train, bus or subway. Canada offers an impressive set of public transport options, a perfect start for those who may not have a car yet.
  3. Get your permanent resident card.
  4. Apply for your Canada child tax benefit.
  5. Get your Canadian Driver’s license.
  6. Open up your first Canadian bank account.
  7. Apply for your health card which will take up to 3 months to register. You may need to take out private medical aid while waiting

Once you have sorted these first steps out, you can start thinking about the all-important job.
  1. Apply for your SIN card (Social Insurance Number), you will need this to apply to jobs.
  2. Make sure your CV is up to Canadian standards. They have a different way of writing CV’s with different skills and experience that needs to be listed.
  3. Many Canadian jobs are not advertised publicly, so make sure you start networking.
  4. You may want to brush up on your language skills with extra training in French or English.
  5. There are many settlement agencies in Canada that can assist you in ensuring that you are on the right path.