Why? Well, we have compiled a list of the most important differences in lifestyle that might convince even the most skeptical of staunch American citizens.

1. Overall life satisfaction


According to the Better Life Index, Canadians are happy and satisfied with their lives, even living up to 3 years longer than Americans. The survey goes on to state that Canadians have a lower rate of suicide, as well as happier marriages with less ending in divorce.

2. Education



Kids in Canada are somewhat smarter than those in America, landing in the top 10 very years for OECD testing in math, science, and reading. Graduating from an accredited college is clearly important to Canadians as close to 50% of Canadian adults have a tertiary education from one of the many prestigious universities located in the country. Studying in Canada is so highly-rated that it is the 7th most popular choice for international students in the world with over 300 000 students from multiple countries.

3. Living in Canada


Residents in Canada are said to have bigger houses, bigger salaries and a better work-life balance in comparison to the 50-hour weeks that most Americans work. Though it may be colder in Canada with some places dropping to temperatures below -10 degrees, Canada is equipped to handle the weather. From heated homes to the underground tunnels in Montreal, unless you are willingly venturing into the cold, you can avoid getting frostbite. A lower density of people per mile with happier work conditions may have led to Canada’s rating as the 8th most peaceful country in the world. America trails 92 spots behind with a higher crime rate and over-crowded prisons. Taxes in Canada are rated by Price Waterhouse Coopers as 8th out of 185 countries for its advantageous corporate tax structure while the U.S. is only the 69th.

4. The job situation


Unemployment rates are lower in Canada, with a high volume of young graduates finding work shortly after their studies. Whether you are an aspiring film buff, a financial professional or a techie, there is always a demand for skilled workers in Canada in some of the biggest corporations including IBM, EA Games, and Deloitte. Rich in natural resources, Canada has many skilled and non-skilled job availabilities in the ports, industrial and agricultural sectors. Even better is the increase in paid holidays with the standard leave being 2 weeks. (The perfect opportunity to take that trip you have always wanted to take to the Rockies.)

5. General beauty


Moraine Lake in Canada

Yes, Canada is cold and has regular snowfall, but the clean mountain air and sweeping landscapes are worth ignoring the weather at times. What can compete with driving 15 minutes out of Calgary and landing in the Rockies or hitting the famous slopes of the Olympic Park? Taking a day trip out of Toronto to Niagara Falls and standing on the edge of the Horseshoe Falls? With all these reasons to love Canada (without even mentioning their unconditional love for hockey), join over 7 million immigrants who have made this country their permanent home.