Hard work, sacrifice, and dreams brought the first Filipinos to Canada and now many travels here to give their family a better life. Canada offers many opportunities to find jobs, especially for those who can speak English or French well. The beautiful scenery, friendly people and difference in lifestyle may be just what you are looking for. In 2012, the first senator of Filipino descent was voted into government proving that Filipino’s have become an integral part of Canada and now you can too.

How does life differ?

Cost of living will be higher for most daily products if you move to Canada, with the price of bread increasing by 47.41 pesos, the cost of a coke increasing by 49.49 pesos and a McMeal at McDonald's costing almost 200 pesos more. Fortunately, pay also tends to be considerably better in Canada than in the Philippines, making saving money much easier and allowing immigrants in Canada to enjoy a higher standard of living. In the past, there have been reports of exploitation of migrant workers working in Canada, including Philippian nationals. While the Canadian Government has taken steps to decrease this exploitation, it is very important that anyone wanting to immigrate is properly prepared and informed before immigrating to Canada. While the weather is hot for most months in the Philippines, Canada is often cold and has regular snowfall during winter (December to February). Temperatures can drop below -10 degrees while summer can be warmer and reach temperatures of 22 degrees.


Which city should I live in?


Always remember that Canadians speak both French and English and this will play a part in choosing the right city for you to live in. Many Filipinos live in the greater Toronto area with many people staying in the city and the outlying areas including Scarborough, North York, and East York. Within these areas, there are community centers set up for Filipinos, most notably, the Filipino Centre Toronto. This center celebrates Filipino roots, preserving identities and culture. Many traditional religious and sports events are set up by the center while there are also health services and clubs for all to join. Winnipeg is home to many Filipinos, with radio stations, magazines, and newspapers dedicated to the culture. Neighborhoods including Sargent Avenue and Arlington Street are 45% Filipino.

Culture and religion

As a multicultural society, Canada has churches and religious communities for any affiliation. The greater Toronto area has over 50 Roman Catholic Churches as well as Anglican and Orthodox across the city and suburbs. Community centers also have many exciting religious events that will keep the entire family entertained while celebrating your unique culture.

What are my job prospects?

If you are looking into immigrating to Canada from the Philippines, you may want to help those in need with a job as a caregiver or nurse. These jobs are for those who have experience and training in these professions and enjoy giving their time to the elderly. This can be a very fulfilling job and the best news is that after four years of working as a caregiver, you can apply for permanent residency in Canada. There are also many skilled, semi-skilled and service orientated jobs for Filipinos in the various sectors.

Activities in the community

Do you enjoy playing team sports, learning about Filipino culture and taking part in traditional celebrations? Then you will love being a part of the Filipino community in Canada. Here, you can take classes, meet other Filipino immigrants and get complete support. You can visit the Filipino Centre, Kabayan Multicultural Centre or the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture in Toronto to experience these communities.

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