ou may want a change in scenery and there is no better place to start looking than Canada. With a mix of mountainous surroundings and exciting city life, you will be able to experience the best of both worlds. Large groups of Pakistani immigrants move to Canada every year, building communities and celebrating their culture and traditions. If you can speak English or French, you will have greater access to job opportunities across Canada.

How does life differ?


A typical suburb in Canada

Canada is multicultural and therefore has an abundance of people living with different beliefs and religions. Most Pakistanis that live in Canada are Muslim and still adhere to religious clothing and regulations, however, Canadians are far less conservative. Pakistani women who live in Canada often go to work outside of the home as the cost of living is higher than it is in Pakistan. Comparing various products, a coke will cost up to 129 rupees more in Canada and a gallon of milk will cost twice as much. A dual income home means that you may experience a change in family dynamics with a Westernized approach to the Pakistani lifestyle. Canada has very different weather with snow and rain in the winter and temperatures dropping below -10 degrees. Summers can be hot in certain parts of the country but it is not as humid as it is in Pakistan.

Which city should I live in?


Ontario has become home to many Pakistani immigrants. From Toronto to Mississauga and Milton, Pakistani communities are often found in the outlying suburban areas. This is the perfect location to bring your family with plenty of schools available and very little crime. You may want to live in the suburbs of Rexdale, East York, and its western suburb Mississauga as many Pakistani’s live in the area.

Culture and Religion


Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh (Sikh Temple) in north Edmonton

Immigration from Pakistan can be challenging. However, you may find that it is easy to adapt to Canadian culture as they are very accepting of different religions. Most immigrants live a bicultural lifestyle with home life being very traditional. The communities of Pakistani immigrants value their culture and celebrate it by wearing traditional clothing and eating customary food. No matter what religion you follow, there are churches, mosques, and Sikhs in every province and city.

What are my job prospects?


There are many Pakistani immigrants that are self-employed and own their own business, however, if you are fluent in English or French and have a qualification or training, there are many opportunities in business, exporting, importing and factory work. Many immigrants now work in the trade industry. The support for Pakistani immigrants in their communities within Canada is overwhelming. Organizations including The Canada Pakistan Professionals Association (CPPA) are dedicated to helping students and young professionals with their careers. Through guidance and support, you can explore new opportunities.

Activities in the communities


Bhangra dance performance in Canada

There are many community centers that offer celebrations of Pakistani religious holidays as well as outreach programs which include children shows and festivals. Becoming a part of these communities is common among immigrants and a great way of meeting people and celebrating cultural roots.

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