Whether you are moving from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Bahrain, you will find that Canada offers many opportunities. You will need to be able to speak English, French or both languages well in order to gain entry into Canada. Most Arab-Canadians can speak either of the languages which helps in finding a job and enrolling children in school. Canada offers some of the best universities in the world including The University of Toronto and McGill University. These top-rated schools provide an opportunity to learn about new cultures while studying various degrees and courses.

University of Toronto

How does life differ?


Many areas in Canada can be very cold, dropping to freezing temperatures of -10 at times. Fortunately, summers are warmer, depending on which city you choose to live in. Montréal, Ottawa, and Toronto are amongst the cities enjoying the warmest climates. The cost of living in Canada is higher than in most countries, however, immigrants from Dubai will find that they are paying less for rent, clothing and select food items. If you come from Saudi Arabia, you will find that clothing and entertainment will cost you less in Canada, however, food prices will likely be substantially more. Immigrating to Canada has its benefits, including an unparalleled government, funded health care system and a lower crime rate, all adding to a great sense of security and safety.

Where should I live?


There are large communities of Arab immigrants living in Quebec and Ontario where organizations that cater exclusively to providing support and assistance to newcomers is common. Quebec is a city that is geared up for immigrants with services that include access to housing, French-language training, support for families, employment assistance, job placement and access to recreation activities.

Culture and religion


Baitul Islam Mosque in Vaughan North of Toronto Canada

There are many immigrants that have made Canada their new home. Due to Canada’s infamous multicultural environment, there is a place of worship for every belief system. Temples, Sikh, and Mosques are in all provinces and major towns and welcome any new members.

What are my job prospects?


If you can speak English or French, you will have a greater opportunity to find the jobs for which you are qualified. Canada is looking for skilled and semi-skilled employees in each sector. If you move to Quebec, you will find a booming economy with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada. Job industries that have high demand are tourism, health, and nutrition, insurance and finance with manufacturing and IT industries growing substantially. Ontario is focused on the manufacturing sector including furniture, transportation equipment, and food products. Healthcare and education services are growing industries with many job opportunities available.

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