The first thing we should clear up before we even start is that Canada has a positive stance on immigration, as long as you follow government requirements, you will have a positive immigration experience. The reason the Canadian immigration system has such a good reputation and why it has worked so effectively is because it is a well-managed system. This means there are no shortcuts and no slipping through the cracks. Canada has in fact set a target of successfully helping over 700,000 immigrants relocate and obtain permanent residency within its borders by the end of 2021. Only a country with a very positive outlook on what it hopes skilled and semi-skilled foreigners can do for their economy would be so welcoming to so many people.

Canada’s diverse immigration programs and streams have been built with the idea of bringing a diverse and multicultural pool of people from all stations. From graduate programs to experience class streams, there are over 70 various immigration programs and streams available to prospective foreigners thinking about starting a new life in Canada. See below for the top 3 reasons immigrants are flocking to Canada.

An official policy to adopt multiculturalism

The current prime minister of Canada’s own father, then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, made it official policy to promote a multicultural society which has remained at the core of Canada’s identity ever since. Nearly a quarter of the Canadian population identifies as foreign-born. One in four Canadian permanent residents are immigrants. Currently, there are eleven ethnic groups with over a million people in, and over 30 with over 100,000 people. There truly is a place for everyone in the Canadian mosaic.

Inclusivity reigns in Canada

Not only was Canada among the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage, but it was further found that an overwhelming 74% of the population was in support of LGBTQ rights, primarily same-sex marriage.  
Women's rights are also at the forefront of social progress. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has committed to achieving a 50/50 representation in his cabinet. Basic women's rights such as abortion, birth-control, and voting have been in effect for so long they aren’t even given any attention. Over 80% of women between 25 and 54 work outside of their home, breaking pre-established gender norms of the ‘nuclear family’.

Canada has a strong, fair political system

Much like in the United States, there will always be a back and forth between the liberal and conservative parties. Unlike the United States, common sense seems to prevail more often than not as both sides have more centrist views when it comes to hot button topics such as minority rights and immigration. Further, there is little in the way of fraud, corruption or government distrust. Government officials caught breaking this trust are prosecuted swiftly. Canada is a nation that prides itself on transparency, and that is what you want in an immigration choice.

How We Make Immigration Simple

Fraudulent immigration companies are on the rise and are surprisingly skilled at appearing to be legitimate. At Canadian Visa Review, we have made it our mission to review immigration companies in order to weed out the real from the fake. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top ten companies in the business.