1. Your VISA or permit.
  2. Birth certificates and passports of each family member.
  3. Marriage certificate/divorce/separation papers.
  4. School records for your children.
  5. Children’s immunization records.
  6. Copies of all degrees, tertiary diplomas and academic transcripts for all adults. Have your documents evaluated before arriving.
  7. Reference letters and contact information from previous employers.
  8. Samples of your professional work or achievements.
  9. International driver’s license. Be sure to apply before you leave as it is valid for 6 months.
  10. Vehicle registration documents if you are bringing a car into the country.
  11. Medical records, including X-rays, dental files, optical prescriptions, and any other prescriptions.
  12. Documents related to travel health insurance to cover you in case of a medical emergency in your first few weeks in Canada.
  13. Supply 2 copies of a detailed list of your belongings and make sure you have the certificates of valuation and authenticity (including photos) for jewelry and other valuables and belongings that you are bringing with you.
  14. Copies of financial records that show credit history/rating.
  15. Record of any current foreign income, properties or investments.
  16. Always make sure that none of your documents has expired.