Thousands of people visit Canada each month, and if you happen to be doing so with your partner, New Brunswick should be on the top of your list. For where to stay in this province to make the best out of a trip for two, see below. 

Marvel at the Castle By The Beach

Overlooking the Passamaquoddy Bay, The Algonquin Resort is one of the most popular choices for couples in New Brunswick. Located in the coastal town of St.Andrews and offers spectacular views of the coastline. In addition, the resort is rooted in a rich history dating back to 1889! For bookings and information on availability, see here

Opt for A Private Getaway Nestled in an Eco-Cabin

For those who prefer to pair their romance with an immersion in nature, this private eco-cabin in the heart of New Brunswick’s natural landscape will pique your interest. The cabin is a stone throw away from Anchorage Provincial Park, perfect for a few days of hiking and exploring the beautiful nature that Canada has to offer. 

Share a Lobster at Maison Tait House

Maison Tait House comprises 9 luxurious rooms and is a 1911 mansion turned hotel. It offers the perfect environment for a romantic weekend away in the town of Shediac in New Brunswick. The town happens to be known for its warm beaches, so spend the day soaking up the sun and sand if you happen to be visiting Canada in the summer. 

Hideaway in The Trees (literally)

This treehouse for grown-ups makes a surprisingly good option for two. The Miramchi has 12 treehouses to choose from, all offering a comfortable view of the serene environment. For those who don’t mind the excitement of packing for a few days of self-catering, this option is perfect. 

Experience the Epitome of Luxury at Radisson Kingwood Hotel

This hotel has all you need in one place and offers a perfect solution for a couple wanting to escape the city to
enjoy a romantic weekend together. Between the restaurant, fitness center, bar and lounge there’s not much else you could want for, besides each other!

How to Choose The Right Company to Help You Get to New Brunswick

It is imperative that you utilize the services of a reliable, regulated and experienced immigration company to assist you with your application to visit New Brunswick. At Canadian Visa Review, we differentiate between the real and the fake when it comes to Canadian immigration companies so you can avoid being scammed out of thousands of dollars. Have a look at our top ten here.