There’s no question as to why Canada is such a popular choice for people from all around the world. The True North offers a little bit of everything, from breathtaking landscapes, an adventure-seekers paradise in the Rocky Mountains and a multicultural hub in metropolitan cities. Saskatchewan is one of the many Canadian gems, and below we’ll explore some fun things to do in the province. 

1. Explore the Romantic Story Behind Stone Hill Castle


One of Saskatchewan’s biggest tourist attractions and a must-see for anyone in the province, the Stone Hall Castle has a very special story. The architectural sublimity was literally built on love, by a man named Francis Nicholson. Following a cyclone in 1912, Nicholson began the construction of the iconic building as a pledge to his wife, who yearned for a place to feel safe. The castle boasts a Greek design and is reflected in its stone construction, from floor to roof.

2. A Taste of Paris Awaits at The Eiffel Tower Replica


A large part of the Canadian landscape was colonized by the French and although most people associate the French presence with the province of Quebec, Saskatchewan has a Parisian touch of its own. In fact, there is a scaled-down replica of the most iconic French landmark in the province. The Eiffel Tower replica was completed in 2009 and is definitely worth a visit during your time in Saskatchewan.

3. Spend the Day at Wascana Park


If you’re looking for a simple and relaxing afternoon in Saskatchewan, look no further than Wascana Park. Dubbed the ‘Central Park of Canada’ it is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the stunning landscape that Saskatchewan has to offer. You could even take a canoe into the lake if the mood strikes, or spend the afternoon soaking up the sun on your picnic blanket if you are planning to visit in the summer.

4. Adventure to Athabasca Sand Dunes


The Athabasca Sand Dunes are yet another testament to why Canada’s terrain is so diverse and is one of the most spectacular sights in the Saskatchewan province. This is a perfect thing to add to the itinerary of those seeking adventure as well as a challenge, as the dunes are only reachable by floatplane or boat!

5. Explore the Weird and Wonderful at Glitchy’s Believe it or Not


If you’re someone who finds rare oddities intriguing, make this your first stop. The Glitchy’s Believe It or Not Museum is literally nestled in the corner of Glitch Gifts and Novelties and boasts an array of things to marvel at. Its ‘exhibitions’ include a cast of Big Foot’s print and are free of charge!

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