If you’re planning on visiting Canada, New Brunswick should definitely be up there on your list of provinces to see. If you don’t have that much time on your hands, don’t fret - see our guide for how to make the most out of New Brunswick in just 3 days. 

Day 1: Adventure Through Fundy National Park


Starting off your trip nice and fresh means you’ll have plenty of energy to explore all that Fundy National Park has to offer. Made popular by the highest tides in the world at Bay Fundy, this is an adventure-seekers dream. For those wanting to sit back and relax, you’d be pleased to know that the Bay of Fundy is also a popular place for whale watching.

Day 2: Soak Up the Sun at Parlee Beach Followed by The Best Lobsters in The World


Visiting Canada in the summer means chasing the sun from one province to another. Parlee Beach in New Brunswick is known for its warm waters, white sands and pleasant surfing conditions. A day here might just not be enough, but the camping grounds make it possible to extend your stay! In terms of seafood, this area is a gold mine. The town of Shediac is a short distance away and it just so happens to be the lobster capital of the world. If you are keen on a more hands-on activity, take a look at this Lobster Roll Workshop.

Day 3: And for Desert, We Have A Chocolate Museum


For those wanting to immerse themselves in the rich arts and culture that Canada has to offer, the Chocolate Museum in New Brunswick is an interesting answer. The museum is the very building where the largest candy company in Canada was founded by the Ganong brothers. At present day, some of the most talented chocolatiers call this home and makes a sweet visit for those visiting Canada. The tour will only set you back about $!0 and is free for kids under the age of 5, making this a perfect outing for the whole family. 

Day 4: Wind down During a Walk Through the Kingsbrae Garden


The Kingsbrae Garden is known for its signature themed gardens and is a truly tranquil stop on your tour of New Brunswick.  In addition, notable components include the maze, windmill and “floral carpet ride” via golf-cart. During the summer, Kingsbrae hosts live performances at its amphitheater. The garden is open from the 22nd of May this year, so make sure to include it in your mid-year holiday itinerary!

Choosing the Right Representation to Get to Canada 

It’s extremely important that you utilize the services of regulated consultants to assist you with your Canadian visa application. Fraudulent companies are on the rise and are surprisingly good at appearing to be legitimate. If you are hoping to visit Canada and would like the assistance of a credible and experienced company, have a look at our list of the Top 10 Immigration Agencies.